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web design, Asheville NC

“Are You Still Chasing after Customers?”

“Why Not Jumpstart Your Website & Have Them Chase AFTER You Instead?”


“As you open for business, the phone is already ringing! Another busy day, but you’re smiling.

You know that finally, your company website is producing the results you’ve always wanted: more appointments and walk-in customers.

Still you were online for quite awhile but you couldn’t ever figure out why your old website never worked as well as you had hoped.

Or why posting on all those social media sites never really got you the number of customers you wanted.

But now you understand that having a professionally designed website – one that is made to be findable AND produce results – is critical to your small business’s success.

You rest easy knowing that your new site is made to position you as an expert and build up your company’s reputation as a trusted authority.

This new website is helping you to increase your visibility and build rapport with your ideal customers – before they even have a chance to meet you!

So as you settle down to work, you realize that you are looking forward to your financial success – worry-free and at peace – for the first time in a a good, long while.

You remember how everyone laughed when you told them you were going to hire a professional web design service to help you build your business website — but now they ALL want a beautiful, sales boosting website like yours.


“Want a Way to Bring in More Qualified Leads & Loyal Customers…Everyday?”

Why does every small business need its own website?

The short answer is better online visibility.

It’s a fact: people don’t call or come by, if they can’t find out about you online.

Yet too many small business people stubbornly believe that 3rd party sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. can give them a lot more brand visibility than they could ever get on their own.

That is not always true.

Now don’t get me wrong; brand awareness does work.

But usually “branding” works best for regional powerhouses or multimillion-dollar enterprises than it does for your neighborhood auto body shop or for a small local floral designer.

Big brand businesses frequently have a sh#!-ton of money ready to blow on expensive advertising campaigns, hiring full-time social media managers or outsourcing projects to internet marketing agencies.

But realistically does that sound like you?

“Are You Too Busy Earning a Living To Make More Money?”

Most small companies like yours are busy working hard everyday just to stay ahead.

This means that for the average small shop or local business owner, using marketing to find more customers is almost always going to be a “side project”.

You just don’t have enough time in your day to do-it-all-yourself. Nor do you have the marketing budget to have it done-for-you by an expensive internet agency or some big ticket “guru”.

This is where a Results-Driven Website can help save you a lot of:

  • Time
  • Energy
  • And Money

“What is a Results-Driven Website?”

  • A results-driven website is built to be your business’s 24/7 online marketing hub.
  • A results-driven website uses proven marketing methods based on human behavior, psychology and sales strategies, as well as the best web technologies & design.
  • A results-driven website produces results because it turns more of your online visitors into qualified leads and loyal customers.

Building websites that produce these kinds of profitable results is my specialty.

My name is Chancer Reese and I own a web design and content marketing service in Asheville, NC, my hometown.

Since 2008, I have been building websites, creating online content and writing persuasive marketing copy for small business people, just like you.

I’m someone who actually speaks your language.


“What Small Business Owners are Saying…”

jeanne-charters-testimonial. Small Business Website Design - Asheville NC. Building websites that produce results, nothing less.


lynn-moore-testimonial. Small Business Website Design - Asheville NC. Building websites that produce results, nothing less.


melinda-knies-testimonial. Small Business Website Design - Asheville NC. Building websites that produce results, nothing less.


testimonial-Bill-Jamieson. Small Business Website Design - Asheville NC. Building websites that produce results, nothing less.


Does web marketing for small business got you confused and frustrated?

“Is This the RIGHT Choice for Your Small Business?”

Look, let’s be honest here, if you enjoy…

  • Paying big bucks for online courses you’ve never used.
  • Hanging out on social media sites just to get a few new leads.
  • Spending hours online reading business blogs to get a couple of takeaways.
  • Forking over a small fortune for internet advertising campaigns that don’t seem to work.
  • Or hiring consultants for huge fees to confirm what you already know (your online marketing sucks).

Then what I have to offer will probably not be a good fit for you or your company.

But if any of the above bugs the crap out of you and you feel that your web marketing efforts should be doing better then drop me a line (or if you prefer call me) and let’s have a conversion….

“Do You Want a Website that Works as Hard as You Do?”

Here at NC Web Diva, I understand that your website is a big investment for you.

I know you not only want a website that is beautiful but need one that can actually attract more customers and bring in more business.

You want real  results:  quality leads, in-store traffic and more revenue.

This is why today more than ever, having a knowledgeable, web design and marketing professional to help and advise you is essential.

“Ready to get started?”

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