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“If you run a small business, we can help your customers find it.”


Tired of chasing after leads and new customers?

Worried that your company might be falling behind the competition?

Sick of paying for expensive advertising that dosen’t bring in enough business?

Want a proven way to stand out online… So customers chase after YOU instead?

You are not alone.

If you are like many other small business people, you have spent a lot of time, energy and money on getting a website up and running.

You wanted a web presence that could help you get better results – more leads, sales or in-store traffic.

Yet ever since your site has been online, it has not done as well as you had hoped.  You always thought it would have helped you a lot more than it has.

Somewhere along the line, you have come to the conclusion that something isn’t right…

You have thought out loud – more than a few times – “My website isn’t working… it’s not bringing in new customers and I don’t know why!”



The problem is that your website’s design and it’s online marketing strategy sucks. 

On Being Direct: Now the statement above is not personal. I know some of you will feel that what I just said was “not nice” or maybe even rude or overly harsh because after all we just met.

I believe it’s this soft-peddling of the truth and the hiding of hard facts on how the Internet actually works that leads to so much of the B.S., confusion and marketing mistakes that happen online.

So who the heck am I? I’m Chancer Reese and I run a web design and marketing service for small businesses. I am passionate about helping other small business people grow and succeed.

So fair warning – I will be blunt. So if you are still interested in discovering proven yet overlooked answers to you website or marketing questions then read on…

Now, say you already have a very visually impressive website (everyone says so, even your Momma).

It is fully functional and the underlying code works well so visitors can easily click around and get to where they want to go.

But if your website’s overall marketing design and strategy is wrong for your business then it won’t ever be as profitable as it could be… no matter how pretty it looks or how cool it’s programming works.

The Best Website for a Small Business or Local Service Company?

Let’s lay some facts out on the kitchen table.

Many web designers (and their small business clients) are in love with building a “brand”.  Branding is the process of getting your name “out there!”

This all sounds good, right?

But the problem is that most small business owners just don’t have the resources like a Macy’s or a Service Pro to properly promote their “brand awareness” or advertise a “brand” website.

But as a general rule, web designers are only taught to create brand websites.

Brand websites work well for BIG Business: mid-sized companies, regional powerhouses or enterprise organizations (think Fortune  5000).

These sites are designed to generate leads for the company’s sales teams or drive foot traffic to their numerous retail outlets.

Not to mention, these enterprise websites are constantly being promoted and new content added daily by full-time marketing staffs.

So as you can see a big company has both the staff AND the budget to constantly promote and drive traffic to a branded website.

YOU on the other hand, are probably the only sales and marketing person around and you already have a ‘day job’ working hard to help your customers or clients.

Since small businesses don’t work the same way as big companies, their websites shouldn’t be designed the same way either.

As a local business person, you need a website that produces tangible results like more phone calls and more walk-in traffic – things that could potentially turn into more sales.

Not intangibles like “awareness” or social media “followers”.

Hard Fact #1: If your social media ‘fans’ don’t follow you back to your place of business or people who are ‘aware’ don’t call you, then what was it all for?

Pretty Doesn’t Always Produce Profits

Hard Fact #2: To get the revenue and results you want, your company website must be designed and structured to help you stand out as a trusted local authority (i.e. the go-to expert in your area).

For this you need a Results-Driven website.

The goal of a Results-Driven website is to not only get your name out there but get a response back!

With this type of site, your company can still build a local brand yet at the same time you can use your  website (which has a built-in marketing process) to get your phone to ring and your front doors to swing.

A website that is not just out there to increase the public’s awareness of your company name and logo but a Site that Sells.


Building a successful small business website isn’t easy.

The longer you wait and the longer you put it off, the worse things are going to get for your business. Time is flying by and you understand that the time to act is now.

Yet where do you start?  What approach should you take?  What’s going to work?  What can you do to fix things right now? Who can you trust?

You need proven help and advice so you get the most out of your website — especially if you’re focused on growth.

However, you’ve probably been bombarded with a lot of misleading information, confusing jargon and not too subtle sales hype and gross exaggerations.

You want help and advice that you can trust… Honest answers to your critical questions.

This is where we can help.

We want to welcome you to the CLR Communications website. The content you’ll find here was created with you, the small business owner in mind; it was designed to help you sharpen your marketing skills and provide you with great website tips, promotional strategies, and content ideas.

Our primary goal here is to teach you how to use your website more effectively so that you can use it to get more leads, customers and sales.

Our secondary goal is to help you make sense of all the different misinformation, hype, lies and “alternate facts” about online marketing you might have stumbled across while searching the web.

We want you to have the most up-to-date and accurate information available, so you can make the best decisions possible for your business.

And our third and final goal is to help you get online and get found... After all your customers can’t call or come by if they can’t find you!


Interested? Then we invite you to get to know us better…

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“Finally a Web Design Service that Gets Small Business”

So here is our simple philosophy:

“We believe that a small business website is first and foremost, a sales and marketing tool. If it’s not bringing in new customers, it’s broken.”

This is why we love to build websites that are not only aesthetically pleasing and functional but also produce bankable results (leads and sales) for our clients.

Yet we all know that website designers are a dime a dozen these days.

Did you know – there are an estimated 150,000 web designers in the US alone (and that doesn’t include your neighbor’s niece’s boyfriend whose younger brother does some kind of “web stuff” on the side).

So why listen to me?

Since 2008, I have written over 1,000 web pages and created, worked on or managed over 148 business websites and read 100 plus books on various web technologies, marketing (online and off), psychology, behavioral science and business development.

I did all this because I wanted to know and understand how to apply proven sales and marketing principles to make my clients’ websites the best – so that they would have a fighting chance against their online competition.

“Promoting a Your Business Online Doesn’t Have to be a Puzzle…”

“Find out how we can help you put the pieces together.”



“Why You Shouldn‘t Hire Me for Your Web Project”

What? Not hire me? I know, crazy talk! 

But I want to be very upfront and tell you that my approach to small business websites and content marketing is NOT a good fit for everyone.

I specialize in building beautiful websites that selli.e. websites that help customers find your small business. 

However, I probably won’t be a good fit for your organization if:

  • You are already drowning in leads from a busy sales team…then you will probably be better off with a different style of website design.
  • You want a website that is just made for “brand awareness” because you already plan to spend a lot money on advertising or time on social marketing to drive traffic your site.
  • You see a website as a “one-and-done” project – instead of a critical part of your continuing business success.

As a mentioned, I direct. I want to help small business people, but what I do is not everybody’s cup of tea as the saying goes.

But if you still interested, the check out what my clients have to say…….

“What Small Business Owners Say About My Work”

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