“Still Chasing After New Customers?”

Web Marketing - small business, Asheville NC

  Stop Cold-calling, Doing Meetups, & Wasting Your Money on Ads.

Jumpstart Your Web Marketing & Have Them Chase after YOU Instead.

Let’s face it, web marketing and promoting for a small business can be difficult.

You know what I mean…

  • If you’ve ever struggled to get your local company found online,
  • If you have tried every social media site imaginable to bring in more business,
  • If you’ve used online, pay-per-click ads that just sucked your money down the drain.

Tired of struggling to make internet marketing work for you? Then read on to discover a proven approach to web marketing that actually does work.

But first let’s take a quick look back at how traditional marketing and advertising was done before the “Inter-web” came along and missed things up…

“Remember When Mass Media Ruled Small Business Marketing?”

web marketing - better then the phone book?

Just a decade ago most local companies like yours and mine could still successfully reach out to our customer base through:

  • Yellow page ads in our local phone book,
  • Print advertising in the hometown newspaper
  • A nice write-up in a regional magazine
  • Doing commercials on local radio or television stations
  • Or (if you had a wad of cash) traveling to regional trade shows and conferences for demos and networking

Well, it’s no longer business marketing as usual…

As you know the Internet has had a profound effect on the way that people communicate and interact with each other.

This is has been especially true when it comes to how your potential customers and clients now deal with you and your small business.

The web has permanently altered the way that consumers look for local products and services.

With the widespread use of the Internet for shopping and the rapid increase of smartphones and tablets now 85% of all Americans begin their local shopping experiences online.

Web Marketing - Can customers find you online?

This means your customers have come to expect to that they will be able to find your local products or services on the Internet.

And if they don’t see  your business in their search engine results, then they probably won’t give you a second chance or a second thought.

Here’s why…

Nowadays people find it much more convenient to “lurk and learn” about your company online before they call or contact you directly.

In fact, it’s more important now than ever that you use a website for marketing your small business.

“Buy Local” Now Starts Online

Web Marketing - for small local, business in Asheville NC

For example, say that a woman named Jill is very interested in knitting, crocheting and in other fiber or yarn arts.

She wants to buy some naturally dyed yarn to make a sweater for a new baby in her family.

Instead of using the yellow pages or driving around town, nowadays she will start her search for yarn – online – looking for “yarn shops” in her local town or city or just “yarn shops near me”.

And if you are a local shop owner who sells naturally dyed yarns, you NEED to be certain that your company website appears in Jill’s search results…

…Because studies have shown that one out of every five people who visit a local business’s website will make a purchase from that company – within 2 to 5 days!

So, it’s not an exaggeration to say that as a small business owner, if you don’t understand how to use your own website to promote yourself, you are in real danger of leaving new business (and a lot of money) on the table.

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

Hi, my name is Chancer Reese, and I operate a small  web design & digital marketing company.

Basically, I use my experience and training in…

  • content creation,
  • web design
  • and internet marketing

…To build small business websites that produce profitable results – get more leads and sales – for local companies.

I can do this because since 2008, I have built, and/or managed over 281 business websites and written some 500+ web articles, blog posts and press releases.

I often tell people that I am half web-geek and half online writer.

Now if websites are so important for sales, why are they so often overlooked?

Let’s take a look at the following groups who publish the most information about website marketing:

  • Internet Marketing Gurus and Professional bloggers,
  • You local web designer and developer who probably created your website,
  • Folks who run SEO (search engine optimization) services.

These are the people who provide the bulk of the information you will find online about websites, blogging and marketing.

The problem is that most of these groups have conflicting interests AND fully 2/3 of them make their money by getting consumers to click a “Buy It Now” or online ad button.

Basically they don’t run brick and mortar stores or offer physical services.

Which means at the end of day, with some few exceptions ALL of these people use “online-only” business marketing models.

So whatever they recommend that you as a website owner to use for your local company, it probably won’t work…

…At least not without a lot of time consuming and expensive tinkering and fumbling with the code or systems behind the scenes on your end.

But what about my web designer?

“Can’t they help me with my online marketing stuff?”

Okay…the web design community is made of two distinct disciplines: designers and developers – basically graphic artists and software programmers.

So while it takes the skills of both a designer and a developer to create a good-looking and smoothly running website, as you might guess, neither group is trained in sales or marketing.

Too many web designers are far more concerned with the “look and feel” of a website, then they are about the site’s potential to bring in more business or not.

Frankly they have been trained to think that if they have created a nice-looking, well-functioning site for the client, their job is done.

So what usually happens is once a website is launched (goes live online), within a short period of time the business owner starts to notice that their site is not producing the results they want – more leads & sales – and they turn to their web designer for help.

The designer will either brush off their marketing concerns or will recommend the services of a SEO (search engine optimization) company.

Next come the SEO guys…

Most SEO (search engine optimization) services are in the business of generating traffic for a website. Few take the time to do website optimization in order to naturally increase your conversions and traffic using web content.

So what happens is the business owners ends up spending a lot money on expensive link-building or ad campaigns, dubious “Google ranking” schemes or other fancy SEO tricks.

Now don’t get me wrong. SEO does work but how most companies do it — the website never really attracts many visitors under its own power.

So this means it will constantly require a steady infusion of  traffic in order to work — along with a hefty retainer going to the SEO company every month.


Web Marketing - Asheville NC

But what if things were different? Imagine how you would feel…

  • If you had a business website that got you noticed online?
  • If you had a website that turned visitors into a steady stream of leads and paying customers?
  • If you knew for certain that your own website would bring in more new business – without expensive monthly ads or SEO campaigns?
  • If you knew a web marketing pro who would give you honest, common-sense answers instead of the runaround?

If this sounds like something you might be interested in then I invite you to contact me and get a free, no hassle consultation. Discover how I have helped other small business people, just like you become more successful.

 “Web Marketing that Produces Bankable Results”

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