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“Small Business Owner: Still Chasing after Customers?”

“Tired of Websites & Online Marketing Strategies That Don’t Work?”

~ Your customers can’t find you online…
~ Your website shows very little activity…
~ Your social media efforts don’t bring in more new business…
~ You almost never get any good leads or more foot traffic from your website…
~ You spend a lot of money on expensive ads — just to drive some visitors to your site…

You are not alone…

I’m guessing that you are probably here because you have spent a lot of time and effort getting a website up and running.

Like a lot of other small business owners, you know that the internet holds a lot of potential for your local company.

You believe that there is money to be made…

And you are right; there is.

But ever since you have had your website up and running, you have kind of hoped it would do a little better than it has.

So you went looking for answers and you arrived here.

Maybe you are trying to find out why your current website doesn’t bring in better leads or more in-store traffic  – and you are looking to start over?

Perhaps you are just starting out, and you feel that you should have a web presence that – helps you stand out in your field or local area?

Or you are just simply confused about how having a website – that produces results – can help you grow your business?

In fact, it doesn’t really matter why you are here…

Because I know one thing for sure:  for you to haven gotten this far in your online search tells me that your are open-minded about change, and are serious — really serious — about your business success.

So just imagine…if you had a website (with a proven online marketing strategy) that actually worked?

Imagine how much better off you would be if it worked as hard as you do to get more customers and bring in new business?

“Stop Chasing after Customers…”

“Jumpstart Your Website & have Them Chasing after YOU, Instead!”

Hi, my name is Chancer Reese and I create what I like to call “Results-Driven” websites. These are sites especially built for local companies.

They use tested web technologies AND proven marketing strategies to help small business owners expand and grow their operations.

“Results-Driven” websites are NOT for everyone

If you are already drowning in leads or a very large company, then you will probably be better off with a different approach to your website marketing.

What makes a “Results-Driven” website so useful to a small or local business person is that it helps them:

  • Build rapport with potential customers online
  • Demonstrate your expertise or product benefits to site visitors
  • Capture contact information (name and email address) of visitors who want to hear from you
  • Integrate your website and online marketing efforts with your offline sales process or retail store
  • Is easy for you to maintain on your own and can be expanded as your business grows

Now I’m not sure if this is right for you, but if you want to have a website that attracts targeted visitors and have more leads and conversations with your potential customers, then you should click on one of the three Quick Links below:



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