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“Are You Still Chasing After New Customers?”

Why not Jumpstart Your Business Website & Have Them Chase after YOU Instead?”

Stand out with a business website that sets you apart from your competitors, & turn more of your website visitors into customers or clients.

Paying customers, especially repeat customers, are the lifeblood of any small business.

It’s the fuel that you and your team need to increase your sales and earn money for yourselves and your families.

That’s why you need to make sure that your website really works… to pull in traffic and convert fly-by browsers into buyers for you.

You already know that the internet holds a lot of potential for you because the number of people going online these days is truly staggering.

That’s why you have spent so time, energy and money getting a website up and running.

But your website has not drawn in the new business (leads, sales) that you had expected.

And you have been too busy struggling to earn a living to really find out for certain if your website and digital marketing are actually working for you – or – against.

All this tech and marketing stuff is not in your bag of tricks.

You suspect (or you have discovered) that you’re missing out or losing sales…

But you just keep that old website up and running… even through you need it to produce better results than it has.
Small Business Web Design



Feel free to explore this site and discover how you can use a lead-gen website to attract & get more customers:



Small Business Web Design, Asheville NC


Small Business Web Design

“Isn’t It About Time a Web Designer Put You & Your Business First?”

If you’re fed up with trying to grow your revenue or expand your company using a website presence that just doesn’t generate new business, get in touch and find out how I can help you get it right.

Discover how I have helped other small business people just like you, by calling me at (828) 280-6800 or by clicking here for a > no-obligation website diagnostic & consultation (It’s Free…)

Just Imagine…

Imagine having a website for your small business that was built from the ground up to:

  • Generate targeted leads – people who contacted or called  your local company – without pushy tactics or cold-calling
  • Attract and drive foot traffic to your store or place of business
  • Fit seamlessly into your existing online marketing efforts (like social media or email blasts)
  • Is mobile-friendly (responsive) so that you, your team and your customers, can view it on any device – at home or while on the go
  • Is easy to use and maintain so if you want you can update it all on your own as you grow and things changes

Sounds great doesn’t it?

A website that actually works as hard as you do to get more customers and grow your sales. Continue reading “Just Imagine…”

Can You Handle the Truth?

In today’s world of “fake news” and “alternative facts” you need someone who tells you the truth.

Do you want to know hard facts?

  • Facts that will clear away all the smoke and bust up all the mirrors?
  • Facts that will help you make a more profitable and informed business decision?

The lead generating sites I create seem to work best for business people who have a specific marketing mindset. Continue reading “Can You Handle the Truth?”

The NCWebDiva Difference

“Turn Your More of Your Website Visitors into Leads & Sales”

I help my small business clients, just like you, create the following 4 business assets everyone needs to increase their sales and revenues:

Reach – Attract More Attention and Arouse Interest in Your Products and Services

Reputation –  Showcase Your Business Expertise & Grow Your Reputation

Resell – Increase Your Revenue and Profits With More Repeat Sales

Referral – Increase Your Referrals & Make More Money using Less Hours

And I do it all using safe and effective lead generating strategies, without:

  • Squandering your hard-earned money on fly-by-night SEO tricks,
  • You stumbling around trying to figure out the latest social media merry-go-round,
  • Wasting your time making a lot of unnecessary mistakes that slow you down or hold you back.

Website Diagnostic & Review

Website Review: I want an expert review of how to get my site converting more leads

“If you could improve your sales just by ‘tweaking’ your website, you would do it, wouldn’t you?”

Wouldn’t it be great if you could improve just a couple of things on your website – things that would significantly increase its online impact and conversion power?

Who wouldn’t want more foot traffic? More leads? More paying customers? For so little effort? Continue reading “Website Diagnostic & Review”