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  “Still Chasing After New Leads & More Sales?”

“Stop Wasting Your Time, Energy (and Money).”

“Jumpstart Your Business Website Today and Have Customers & Clients Chase after YOU Instead.”

Let’s face it, marketing and promoting a small business can be difficult.

You know what I mean…

  • If you’ve ever struggled to get your local company found online,
  • If you’ve tried every social media site imaginable to bring in more business,
  • If you used online, pay-per-click ads that just sucked your money down the drain,
  • If you’ve paid for expensive SEO services that used fancy tricks – that never quite worked.

So if you still haven’t gotten the results you want (more leads, sales, in-store traffic) then read on because you’re about to discover a proven local business marketing system – that is frequently overlooked.

Here’s why…

The Internet has had a profound effect on the way that people communicate and interact with each other. This is especially true when it comes to how your and my potential customers now deal with us in the small business world.

The web has permanently altered the way that consumers look for local products and services.

“Remember When the Phone Book Ruled the World of Small Business Marketing?”

phonebook-3 phonebook-2

Until recently most local companies could still reach out to their customers through:

  • Ads in local phone books,
  • Print advertising in regional magazines and newspapers
  • Traveling hundreds (even thousands) of miles to industry trade shows,
  • Or dropping a wad of cash, on advertising with radio or television stations.

Well, it’s no longer business marketing as usual…

With the he widespread use of the Internet and the rapid increase of smartphones ownership now 85% of all Americans begin their local shopping experiences by searching first online for what they want.

This means customers have come to expect to that they will find your products or services online. And if they don’t see  your business in their search engine results, then they probably won’t give you a second chance or a second thought.

This is because people find it much more convenient to use a website to “lurk and learn” about your company and what you have to offer, than it is to contact you personally.

Why “Buy Local” Now Starts Online?

In fact, it’s more important now than ever that you use your business website to its fullest potential. For example, say that Jill is going to get married sometime this year, so naturally she will search online for “wedding dresses in city-name” or “wedding dress shops near me”.

And if you a local merchant selling wedding dresses, you want to certain that your website appears in Jill’s search results because studies have shown that one out of every five customers who visit a local business’s website will probably make a purchase from that company within 2 to 5 days!

So, it’s not an exaggeration to say that as a small business owner, if you don’t understand how to harness and use your own website’s immense marketing potential, you are in real danger of leaving a good deal of business (and money) on the table.

Website Design for Small Business - if your website doesn't generate leads why have it?

Okay, if website marketing is so important, why is it so frequently overlooked?

Well, before I answer this question, let me introduce myself.

Hi, my name is Chancer Reese, and I operate a  marketing and web design services company that takes great pleasure and pride in helping local businesses get more in-store traffic, customers and increase their revenue by building powerful marketing and lead generation websites.

I tell people that I am half web-geek and half online marketer because since 2008, I have used my training and experience in the fields of online writing along with website design and development to create successful WordPress blogs and lead generation systems…tailored to the needs of my clients.

Now that you know a little bit about what I do, let’s take a look at the three groups who provide much of the information you will find online about internet marketing for business: the Internet marketing industry, the web designer community and the SEO services industry.

The  internet marketing industry is made up of several different groups. You can have:

  • People who are operate online stores (like specialty or niche Amazon shops),
  • Affiliate marketers (who sell things on commission),
  • Information-product creators (who sell digital courses/ebooks),
  • Media publishers (who make money by selling online ad space),
  • And professional bloggers (who can make money from any of the above).

The key here is that these folks make their money by getting consumers to click a “Buy It Now” button. At the end of day, they are ALL in the ecommerce business and use online-only sales and marketing methods.

This means that whatever they might recommend that you use for your local company, it probably won’t work well – without a lot of time consuming and expensive tinkering and fumbling with it on your part.

So what about your web designer? Can’t they help you with your online marketing?

The web designer community is made of two distinct disciplines: designers and developers – basically graphic artists and software programmers.

So while it takes the skills of both a designer and a developer to create a good-looking and smoothly operating website, as you might guess, neither group is trained in sales or marketing.

They primarily care making sure that websites look pretty, performance well – but unfortunately are almost never interested if it is profitable or not.

So what usually happens is once a website is launched and goes live online, within a short period, the business owner starts to notice that their site is not producing the results they want – leads & sales – and they turn to the services of a SEO (search engine optimization) company.

Then they might end up spending a lot money on expensive monthly link-building campaigns, dubious “ranking” schemes and other fancy online tricks which never seem to work for long – without another infusion of cash.

So as you can see, despite the powerful marketing potential of the internet, it still tough to promote a local business website. But…

  • If you want a business website that gets you noticed online?
  • If want a website that turns visitors into a steady stream of leads and paying customers?
  • If you want to discover how to use your website to bring in more clients or customers?
  • Of if you just want some honest, expert web marketing advice in order be more successful with your online efforts…

Then I would like to help by offering you a free, no hassle consultation.

 Small Business Website Design & Marketing Services

Get Online Fast with a Lead Generation Website

Whether you’re a entrepreneur, small business owner or consultant, creating a lead generation website that will get your business noticed is of paramount importance.  I don’t just create pretty websites; I can help you to get your message out with smarter online marketing along with an attractive WordPress website theme.

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Get Found in Google with Better Website Optimization

Invisible is not a good brand color. Transform your business website so that it meets all of the critical search engine guidelines while appealing to the right audience. Get found on all the major search engines, especially Google.

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Get New Customers with Content Marketing & Business Blogging

By creating in-demand content you can generate traffic that pulls your ideal customers to your website. And by building a local authority website, your business can become a trusted resource and your team will become recognized experts.

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