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You are not alone…

If you are like many other small business people, then you have probably spent a lot of time and effort trying to promote your company online.

You have come to believe that the internet holds a lot of potential for your organization.

And you are right; there is.

Business websites and digital marketing campaigns, DO have a lot to offer entrepreneurs – especially local businesses and startups.

Yet they have to done right in order to produce the sale results you want.

Unfortunately, your online marketing efforts have NOT been as successful as you had originally hoped.

You are disappointed…because you do want to use the internet to get more customers and boost your sales.

  • So what do you have to do to get started out on the right path?
  • Or find out what really works, so you can start-over again?
  • What can you do right NOW to bring in more new business?



“Promoting Your Small Business Doesn’t Have to be a Puzzle.”

“Find out how I can help you put the pieces together.”

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“Finally, a Small Business Web Designer Who Gets It…”
“No Sales Means No Business”

Hi, Chancer Reese here. I operate a small web services company here in my hometown of Asheville NC.

My philosophy is simple: I believe that a website is first and foremost, a sales and marketing tool.

I feel that my job is make sure that every website I build isn’t just aesthetically pleasing and functional, but also produces bankable results (leads, in-store traffic, sales).

But I know that small business web designers are a dime a dozen these days.

There are an estimated 150.000 web designers in the US alone (and that doesn’t include your cousin’s boyfriend’s younger brother who has a laptop and who knows some programming).

The key to your success online is to find a web designer who is also an expert at content marketing, a business strategist and a WordPress specialist — and that’s no easy trick.

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3 Good Reasons NOT to Hire Me as Your Web Designer

My approach to small business websites and digital marketing is NOT for everyone:

  • You are already drowning in leads or spend a lot on advertising (then you will probably be better off with a different style of design)
  • You want a website that is just visually impressive (whether or not it actually generates leads and brings in new business)
  • You see your website as a short-term – one-and-done – project (instead of a critical part of your ongoing marketing plan)


Small businesses & startups constantly struggle with marketing and website promotion issues. Discover how I have helped other small businesses like yours solve these problems.

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