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“Still Chasing after Customers?”

“Are you doing more running than catching?”

“Why not jumpstart your website & have customers chase AFTER you instead?”


The Hard Truth: everything you know about websites and online marketing is probably wrong…

Here’s what I mean:

Growing up, we’ve been taught to believe in branding and image advertising.

For example:

  • A weary traveler sees a Big Brand Hotel logo on a highway and they immediately know they can easily book a room online from their smartphone …”Badda Book. Badda Boom!”
  • Every parent (and smart babysitter) knows that a Disney (TM) movie is kid-friendly and family-oriented.
  • People visiting around the world believe that Coke products are safer to drink than the local water.
  • And the Golden Arches of McDonald’s are seen in over 119 countries as a sign of good quality food.

So when consumers see brand names and logos of these companies on the Internet, they naturally feel like they know them and that they can trust them.

This is why consumers buy from big brands.

This is also why the average web designer will tell you that all your small business needs to be successful online is “branding”.

So you hire them to create a nice brand logo for you, build out a good looking website (in your new brand colors, of course) and they might even throw in some search engine “magic” beans, everthing you need to grow your very own beanstalk…

…A beanstalk that will grow high up into the sky and reach a cloud full of riches, right?

Yes and no.

Branding does work.

But usually only for those mid-sized or enterprise companies that have a pot full of money to spend on expensive online advertising or hire a full time social media or internet marketing guru.

I’m guessing that if you are reading this, like the fabled Jack – who was an entrepreneur if you remember – you probably have discovered that there is a real live giant at the top of the Internet beanstalk…

And that giant’s name is Google.


Google is the world’s largest search engine and it pretty much sets the rules for marketing on the internet.

And like the giant in the fairy tale, Google is involved in almost everything that touches your online promotions.

Google controls:

  • Which websites get to climb up to top of the beanstalk (search engine rankings)
  • Which websites gets stomped on or pushed down the beanstalk (not found in the rankings),
  • Which websites get lots of online clicks and more referrals and leads (organic traffic)
  • And worst yet, which companies get pitched off the beanstalk altogether (blacklisted).

Now I know you might have spent a good deal of your time promoting your business on social media or spending your hard-earned money getting a shiny, new “branded” website up and running.

But have you ever thought, “My website/social media just isn’t working. But I’m not sure what’s wrong.  It’s just not bringing in the customers or the leads I need!”

You are not alone.

Let me say, it’s not your fault that your website or online marketing has failed in the past.

Frankly there is way too much misinformation, confusion and outright lies floating around small business communities about the best way to promote a local company using the web.

You might have been told things like social media is “the coolest” way to promote yourself or that people have short attention spans or that “email marketing is dead”.

As a business owner, you get exposed to all manner of marketing “hype”, “alternate facts” and just plain bullshit when it comes to branding and/or social meda.

However there are certain things about websites and content marketing that the average web designer isn’t trained to understand.

Things that can slow down your growth or even stop your business from expanding at all.

And the few web professionals who do understand, rarely take the time to explain these things to you or help you get a true understanding of how to use a small, local website to get more customers.

The web design industry teaches people to how to design and sell you a website, not how to make a website that sells!

But it doesn’t have to be like this.


Worried your business is falling behind?

Are you are tired of chasing after customers?

Sick of paying for expensive online ads that just don’t work?

If so then I can help you…

My name is Chancer Reese and I own CLR Communications, a boutique web design and content marketing service here in my hometown of Asheville, NC.

If you want to use your website to sell your services or move more merchandise then I can help you.

Since 2008, I have been building small business websites, creating online content and writing persuasive copy for people just like you.

I’m someone who speaks your language.

The difference between what I do and what an average web design shop offers is that I honestly care about your success and I am passionate about helping you reach your business goals.

So with your success in mind:

Choose where you want to go next…

GET ONLINE: I want a new website

GET FOUND: I’ve got a website but no traffic

GET BUSINESS: I’ve got a website but few leads or sales

GET ANSWERS: I’m tired of all the hype and bullshit. Can you help me?



“Building websites that produce results is my specialty.”

Instead of branding or expensive online ads, what you really need in order to get more customers is a proven marketing method that helps interested people find your business online AND gets them to chase after YOU instead!

After all, people can’t call you, if they can’t find you!

Just Imagine:

  • Having a website that potential customers can easily find online – which is critical because they can’t call you if they can’t find you.
  • Having a website that helps you get better results – more leads, more in-store traffic, more paying customers.
  • Having a website that helps build a positive online reputation – a good reputation that is almost unstoppable.


Here is my simple philosophy on websites and online marketing:

“I believe that a website is first and foremost, a sales and marketing tool.

You should have an easy to navigate yet engaging website that persuades people to hire you or buy your stuff. Your online marketing should help you build an audience of potential customers…not a brand.

If your website is not helping you get more paying customers –  then it’s not working – no matter how beautiful it is or well it’s programming works.”

But we both know building a successful business website isn’t that easy...

“Promoting Your Business Online Doesn’t Have to be a Puzzle…”

“Find out how I can help you put the pieces together”

Request a FREE Consultation or a Website Audit Here


“3 Good Reasons Why You Shouldn‘t Hire Me for Your Website Project”

What bullcrap is this?

Not hire me?

Yes, I know — Crazy Talk! 

But I’m not sure if what I offer is the best fit for you or your business, and I don’t want to waste your time.

I probably won’t be a good fit for your organization if:

  • You are already drowning in leads from a busy sales team…then you will probably be better off with a different style of website design.
  • You think social media and image marketing are magic bullets and just want a “catcher mitt” website for all the referral traffic you think you will get.
  • You see a website as a “one-and-done” project – instead of a critical part of your continuing business success.

While I am passionate about helping other small business people, I understand that what I do is not “everybody’s cup of tea” as the saying goes.

I often refer to my business as a “boutique web design and content marketing service” and a lot of people are thrown by the term “boutique”.

So, let me be clear about what that term means…a boutique service is a smaller company that focuses on specialized work for a limited client list.

A boutique service doesn’t have a lot of employees,  a ton of clients and generally don’t do work for big national brands.

But working with a small-time boutique service like mine does comes with some great benefits:

  • You always have direct access to the boss – you can get in contact with me fast,
  • I’m the one that personally works on your project – your site is not handed off to a different person or outsourced overseas,
  • You have lower costs – since I don’t carry the huge overhead of a larger company that means I don’t pass any high labor costs on to you,
  • You get a faster turnaround time – because frankly I don’t take on more projects then I can comfortably handle at any one time, meaning you don’t get lost in the shuffle,
  • Your project is scheduled in advance – so I can keep everything on track, set realistic deadlines, obtain the appropriate resources, and eliminated uneccesary errors.

So while I’m not a good fit for everyone, I can be a great asset to the right business owner. If you are still interested, then check out what my clients have to say…….

“What Small Business Owners Say About My Work”

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