“Still Chasing After Clients & Customers?”

You are not alone.

Like a lot of other small business people, you may think of being in business as being in a kind of foot race.

Some days you think you are a little bit  ahead of the competition and you doing okay…

Other days when things aren’t going so great, you may feel that you are slipping and sliding…getting  behind.

You’re always been open to anything that could bring in more business or help you get more new customers.

So you’ve read a lot of articles about SEO or using social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; on email marketing, attracting more website traffic, website conversion strategies and buying online advertising.

This stuff makes sense on paper but knowing how to apply it to your business is another matter all together.

You feel overwhelmed (and confused) with all the ideas – what you should and shouldn’t be doing online plus all the tech stuff just makes your head hurt.

And then there is the small matter of you putting what you learn to good use while you are busy running your company.

“Most small business people are too busy earning a living to make more money…”

Sounds nuts, but it’s so easy to do.  You need to work to make a living, just like everyone else…

Yet when you get to working too hard, the business takes up such a HUGE amount of your time and efforts that at the end of the day, there’s little energy left over to spend thinking about what you could be doing differently or doing smarter in order to get more clients, sales.

How many of us are guilty of letting our marketing slide – because honestly we feel there are much better things for us to do with our limited free time than come to grips with an unproductive website or plan a long overdue promotional campaign?

So you end up doing nothing at all or just make some half-hearted marketing attempts every once in a while.

Fortunately, there’s an answer…

“Why Not Permanently Jumpstart Your Website & Get Customers to Chase after YOU Instead?”



“Small Business Web Design that Simply Produces Results”

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