Why Hire Chancer Reese?

“The More You Tell, The More You Sell”

This old salesman’s adage is now a harsh reality online.

On the Internet the more information you share does equal to more profits.  But this doesn’t mean you have to “shout” to be heard online!

On the contrary, just by creating customer-focused content that uses the right keywords on your website, you can generate a host of hot leads, bring customers into your store and influence how your website is ranked in search engines like Google.

I strongly believe that publishing interesting and useful information for your customers (on a lead generation website) is the single best strategy for growing a small business today.

Why I’m a Bit Different

Finding a website professional who understands business marketing and writing as well as web technology can often be a challenge.

The ideal web marketing pro needs to be able to grasp the latest online tech products and services, yet also be business savvy enough to translate those technical innovations into more leads, sales and profits for your business.

They should be someone who you can trust to promote your business online…without hype and without diluting your unique message.  They should be experienced in SEO copywriting and know how to craft a clear, targeted message that will connect with your customers and clients.

You also need a person who “gets it.” Someone who understands today’s overwhelmed and overworked small business owner.

I’m Chancer Reese, and I’m a online writer and web developer who specializes in helping local, small business people get noticed online.

3 Good Reasons to Hire Me as Your Web Designer

(And 2 Reasons Why You Probably Shouldn’t)

1.     My brain is half geek and half web marketer. This means I can build a impressive website that helps you get your message out to the right people.

2.     I have years of hands-on experience building successful websites and writing online content and blogs.

3.     I measure website success in terms of bankable results (leads & sales) not just search engine rankings.

Don’t hire me:

  • If you only want a website that just looks “pretty” (whether or not it actually generates leads or attracts new customers – I make websites that are both pretty and profitable).
  • If you only want to get a website at the lowest possible cost (instead of viewing your website as a long-term investment in your business future).


How I Can Help You Today?

If you are interested in making some small changes on your current business website or are thinking about getting redesign or a marketing makeover, then I recommend that you click to get a free, no hassle website audit & consultation.