Can You Handle the Truth?

In today’s world of “fake news” and “alternative facts” you need someone who tells you the truth.

Do you want to know hard facts?

  • Facts that will clear away all the smoke and bust up all the mirrors?
  • Facts that will help you make a more profitable and informed business decision?

The lead generating sites I create seem to work best for business people who have a specific marketing mindset.

A lead-gen site like this is not a good fit for those companies:

  • With a sales team
  • Has a dedicated marketing dept
  • Where the owner likes to buy a lot of advertising

Organizations like these will be better off using a different approach for their website promotions (brand marketing).

Nor is it good fit for someone who wants to generate as much online traffic as quickly as possible to rank ‘high’ in the search engines.

Or someone who likes ‘speedy’  SEO tricks that will only get you “here today, gone tomorrow results”.

If a “get rich quick” goal is what you are looking for then the websites I build with my proven “slow and steady wins the race” marketing approach will seem very strange to you.

For this reason, I’m probably not the right person for your website project because I believe research, quality content, and customer focus outweigh (and will outlast) any internet marketing tricks.

4 Reasons Why Not to Hire Me for Your Next Web Project

  • You want a website to just look impressive (whether or not it actually generates leads or draws in customers).
  • You see a website as a ‘set and forget’ project (not as the central hub for all your ongoing web marketing efforts).
  • You want to rank quickly in Google (rather or not your website has earned it and can keep your business in a top spot).
  • You want to get the cheapest website possible (rather than seeing it as a long-term investment in your business’s future success).