Link Building Tactics – The “Bad Old Way”

IMPORTANT NOTE: Below is an actual sales page, complete with my old style link building course based on what was “hot, hot, hot” just 5 short years ago.

It’s free for the taking…but remember I don’t recommend the article spinning, etc. but if you want check out, go for it.

link building tactics
Is link building really like being a cheerleader?


For Professional Web Publishers and Bloggers who would love to generate even more traffic – but can’t figure out how to make it happen…

…Then the training course described below might be right for you.

Hi, my name is Chancer Reese and I’m a former webmaster to a top-ranking web publisher and affiliate marketer.  Let me tell a little bit of my story.

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Blogging for Business – Are You Making These 5 Deadly Mistakes on Your Blog?

Blogging for Business – How to Avoid these Common Mistakes


Blogging for business or content marketing is not difficult.

I have had an online presence  in some way since early 1999, when a friend and I were scheduled to graduate from tech school and wanted to take the Internet world by storm; me with my desktop support skills and Mary with her computer programming.

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