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How to Respond to Negative Online Reviews

An Unexpected Lesson in Responding to Negative or Bad Online Reviews

I was just finishing up work on a newly redesigned website for a client when I noticed it. (more…)

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Making Friends with Customers – The Pros & Cons

Making Friends with Customers – Yes or No?

making customers friends

Making friends with customers – is it always a gamble?

We get this advice all the time online…”build customer relationships!”

After all there are social media companies has built a  multi-billion dollar businesses encouraging us to play nice and become friends with our clients and customers.

But there are both positive and negative aspects of moving past the business free throw line when it comes to dealing with your clients or customers.

There are some very good reasons (both personal and business) why you should and there are some very good reasons (both personal and business) why you should NOT.

In this article, I’ll explore the pros and cons of engaging with customers on a personal level. If you have ever wondered if you should or should not be more “friendly” with customers, then read on.


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How To Repair Your Bruised Online Reputation

Repair Online Reputation

How to Repair an Online Reputation

“Are you making these 3 mistakes with your online reputation?”

Making mistakes is natural. After all no one comes the Internet knowing everything there is to know about websites, WordPress, web content or online marketing.

We all know that there is a learning curve (unfortunately) to just about everything. But I keep seeing small business people make the same mistakes – over and over again, when it comes to managing their online reputations.

The problem is that many small business people underestimate just how important it is to have a positive online presence – until it’s too late.


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Relationship Marketing – 7 Customer Relationship Killers

Relationship Marketing – Are you Making these Customer Relationship Mistakes?

Relationship Marketing - Are you Making these Customer Relationship Mistakes?

Are You Accidentally Pushing Away & Pissing Off Customers?

The relationship between a small company and their customers is a tricky one. While not as intense as that with family members, surprisingly enough, long term business relationship have similar risks for both parties as any other “friendship”.

The situation between you and a customer can be damaged by broken promises, business betrayals and lying or giving false impressions.

These “relationship killers” can result in you missing out on opportunities, sales or even becoming involved in a costly legal action.

Of course not every business relationship goes bad or ends in a lawsuit. Many small businesses have maintained amicable and profitable relationships with their customers for decades.

So how can you avoid making these disastrous mistakes in your relationships with your customers? (more…)

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4 Simple Ways To Stay In Front Of Your Customers

How to stay in front of your customers – without being a kissy-butt?

stay in front of your customers
Do you want to know the best ways to hold the attention of your prospective customers?

Running a small business takes a lot of hours. Even if it’s a labor of love or a pursuit of passion, if you are in business for profit then you need have customers. And the more customers you have the faster your business can grow.

Still it’s a universal truth that customers will buy things when they are ready to buy them NOT when you’re ready to sell them something.

So the only option you have is be prepared to throw your selling process into high gear when someone expresses interest in buying from you.

But often this makes you seem either too pushy or a big ole kiss-butt.


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