What to Use Instead of Facebook – Direct Marketing for Small Businesses

Direct Marketing for Small Business?

direct marketing small businesses

Why You Should Use Direct Marketing Instead of Using Facebook – In a small suburb lived two mechanics by the names of James (Jimmy) and Connor. Both men were in the process of starting up their own auto repair shops.

Jimmy setup a Facebook Fan (Business) Page because…well because it was free, easy and almost everyone he knew had one. He planned on spreading the word about his business using just his FB page.

Connor, he setup a Facebook page, too. But he also had a customized company blog built for his business and also setup a form so he could build an email list.

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How to Turn a Failing Small Business Around?

How to Turn a Failing Small Business Around Using Online Marketing

Turn a Failing Small Business Around?

Can you really turn your business around using internet marketing?

During tough times it’s natural for many small businesses to think that the first thing you must do is cut back on your overhead and expenses.

After all if your family are hungry, you don’t go out buying luxury cars.

So while reducing or maintaining costs is an instant and measurable way to increase your bottom line, it is not something for the long haul.

Cost cutting only gives your business a bit of breathing room. Yet no healthy business can survive by trying to “save their way” back into profitability or success.

The only thing that can make your business successful long term is by increasing their visibility and persuading more customers to do business with them!

And quickest, cheapest way I now how to do this is by leveraging the power of online marketing, especially marketing using your company website.

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Affiliate Marketing For Small Business – Side Money?

Affiliate Marketing For Small Companies – Is Affiliate Marketing Right for Your Business Model?


Should you get into affiliate marketing?

For those of you who don’t know what affiliate marketing is – it is the process where a website redirects potential buyers from their website to a vendor’s in exchange for a commission or other compensation.

That is if the prospect purchases an item. (The above diagram shows the sales process.)

Many website owners, especially bloggers can earn a significant income using affiliate marketing. In fact some companies get their entire income from affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing for small companies can be easy to set up since it only requires that you “cut and paste” a vendor’s link into an appropriate spot on your website.

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Stop Wasting Money on Traditional Advertising

Is Traditional Advertising & Mass Media a Waste of Your Money?

Stop Wasting Money on Advertising

Stop Wasting Money on Advertising! – you see this warning all the time. But is it still worth it to use traditional mass media if you are a small business?

Back in the good old days, traditional advertising in the form of magazines newspapers television and radio when direct mail were basically the only ways that most small businesses had of connecting with their customers.

However due to drawbacks of each medium, (with the except of direct mail) it was very difficult for a business owner to pinpoint target customers and track the success or failure rate of their advertising efforts.

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