What I Learned at Skool – CSS Floats – “Slip Sliding Away…”

The float property in CSS is one of the most interesting layout tools and one of the most frustrating. When done right they are almost magical in what they can do.

Done poorly or without a good understanding of the coding process behind them – well let’s say some of my gray hair is due to the slip-slidey nature of floats.

So if you have ever wondered what are floats and how to use them, then you should read this post. Read More

What I Learned at Skool – Using Wireframes

How to Use Wireframes to Keep Your New Website On Track


For a small business owner, who is new to web publishing, the whole process of website design and development can seem rather confusing and frustrating.

In part this is because they are diving head first into a technical field that is unfamiliar to them but also because too often the web designer they are working with hasn’t taken the time to educate them on how the site building process works. Read More