How to Create a WordPress Site for Your Business in 5 Simple Steps

The step-by-step checklist I will share with you below will help you remove the guesswork and show you how to create a website using one of the most trusted (and free) website-building tools in the world.

Create a WordPress Site

Create a WordPress Site for Your Small Business – FAST!

I’m going to share with your the 5-step system that I use all the time to create business websites with WordPress – that are both nice-looking and affordable. Read More

4 Common Business Website Mistakes – No One Talks About


Are You Making these Four Website Marketing Mistakes?

I screwed up.

I have hodge-podged this site together for a long time – writing blog posts and updating things whenever I could get around to it.  You may be familiar with the world-famous ’round tuit’  above…

But once I became interested in writing and developing educational programs about building better websites,  I needed to rework this site to correct the marketing mistakes I had made due to rushing through everything.

Like that old saying goes, “Doctor, heal thyself!”

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Top 5 Small Business Website Mistakes To Avoid & What to Do Instead

angry_white_businessman_280x280The Best Time to Avoid Small Business Website Mistakes is At the Beginning

Most of the articles you will read about common website mistakes to avoid involve either bad web design elements or SEO problems. This article is a bit different.

In this article I’m going to share with you why I feel that the most terrible websites disasters happen LONG before anyone hires a web developer or sets out to learn how to build a website on their own.

I believe that the worst website mistakes either start at a desk in your back office or around your kitchen table late at night.

A  NASA project engineer once wrote  “The seeds of problems [in a project] are laid down early.  Initial planning is the most vital part of a project.  A review of most failed projects or project problems indicates that the disasters were well planned to happen from the start.

When I was in the Army an old sergeant put it more bluntly “Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.”

I strongly believe that piss poor planning can mess up even the most beautifully designed and constructed website. Read More

How to Change a Theme on WordPress Website – Even You’ve Got No Web Skills?

How to Create a Website with WordPress
“Hey anyone can change a WordPress website theme !”

How to Change a WordPress Website Theme in 6 Steps

Jill’s feeling great. Her designer got her new WordPress website up and running a few months ago.  Now she has found what looks like a great new WordPress theme.  All the members of her business group are raving about it.

Jill called up her web guy but he is tied up and she knows from experience it might be days ( or weeks) before he gets back to her.

She really wants to try out that new theme right now! But she’s just gotten used to writing blog posts. She’s afraid she just doesn’t have the web skills for the job.

Well  if you are like Jill and a lot of  other small people, you are probably interested in using a WordPress website to promote yourself online. Read More