Just Imagine…

Imagine having a website for your small business that was built from the ground up to:

  • Generate targeted leads – people who contacted or called  your local company – without pushy tactics or cold-calling
  • Attract and drive foot traffic to your store or place of business
  • Fit seamlessly into your existing online marketing efforts (like social media or email blasts)
  • Is mobile-friendly (responsive) so that you, your team and your customers, can view it on any device – at home or while on the go
  • Is easy to use and maintain so if you want you can update it all on your own as you grow and things changes

Sounds great doesn’t it?

A website that actually works as hard as you do to get more customers and grow your sales.

So while you’re letting that idea sink in, what if you could get a web designer/digital marketing specialist, who understands businesses like yours and who is willing to help you achieve your goals?



“If your website is not generating as many leads or in-store traffic as you’d like for your small business, today is your lucky day”

No seriously.

Today might be a great day for you and your business because you have discovered this site.

You see, I specialize helping small business owners – just like you – build websites that produce bankable results (more leads and sales) – without a lot of fancy internet tricks, having to cold-call or spend a dollar on expensive advertising.

So how to I do this?

I create lead generating websites that:

  • Use education-based content to target your ideal customers,
  • Use proven online writing methods to draw in those customers & engage them
  •  Use simple automated marketing tools to take control of your pre-selling process

For this reason, you will notice that the kind of website (and digital marketing strategies) that I recommend are a bit different than a lot of websites you’ll see other companies or designers using.

That’s fine because…

The websites I create are designed specifically to accomplish ONE business goal:  getting you more leads and in-store traffic in order to help boost your sales. PERIOD.

These sites are results-driven…nothing less.

This means I ignore those things that some people think are important in a website but which I don’t think really helps grow your business.

The type of lead generation sites I recommend are great for:

  • Any entrepreneur who wants more conversations with future customers – and who is ready to move up to the next level.
  • Small retailers, local service providers, and solo professionals – who have tried online marketing before – and failed – but who are now ready to start over and be successful.