What is Blogging For Business?

What is Blogging For Business

What is Business Blogging? It’s Not What You Think

“What does blogging for business mean?”

I have read that a business blog should be used for everything from “brand awareness”, getting more “social shares and likes” to “nourish leads.”

Okay, here’s what I think…

The real purpose of a business blog is simple – to attract and keep the right customers!

So who are these “right” customers?

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How Can You Spot a Fake Facebook Friend Request?

Got a Fake Facebook Friend Request?


Recently one of my client’s Facebook account seems to have either been hacked or her Facebook profile information “scalped” and then used to send out fake Facebook “Friend” requests.

This can be distressing and commercially painful since in her case, she uses her Facebook account to promote her self-published books.

So if you have ever gotten a fake Friend request or wondered how to spot one then you should read the 7 tips in this article. Read More

Making Friends with Customers – The Pros & Cons

Making Friends with Customers – Yes or No?

making customers friends

Making friends with customers – is it always a gamble?

We get this advice all the time online…”build customer relationships!”

After all there are social media companies has built a  multi-billion dollar businesses encouraging us to play nice and become friends with our clients and customers.

But there are both positive and negative aspects of moving past the business free throw line when it comes to dealing with your clients or customers.

There are some very good reasons (both personal and business) why you should and there are some very good reasons (both personal and business) why you should NOT.

In this article, I’ll explore the pros and cons of engaging with customers on a personal level. If you have ever wondered if you should or should not be more “friendly” with customers, then read on.

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Marketing with Infographics – Create a Wordle

 Wordles – A Cool Way to Promote Your Small Business

Marketing with infographics - wordles
a Wordle of

Marketing with infographics is very, very hot right now. Basically an infographic is “a visual image such as a chart or diagram used to represent information or data.”

Usually they are custom made for a company for each information piece or data set.  Quality infographics cost anywhere from $500 to $2000+.

But I have found a very affordable (free way) to create an “infographic alternative” – an Wordle Read More