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Make More Sales – How to use a “Daily Dispatch” to Attract Customers & Get More Sales

Make More Sales - with daily dispatches

“Struggling to make more sales?”

You are not alone! I’m sure most small business people will agree that one of the hardest parts of working with clients is finding them in the first place!

Finding and keeping up (more or less) a steady stream of work or projects is one the most difficult things you have to do if you are running a small service business.

If you are like most professional services, you are constantly riding on a feast or famine roller coaster.

One month you might have hit the mother lode and be slammed with client work.

You find yourself shouting out your good fortune all the way up the roller coaster’s incline – clacky-clack, clacky-clack, clacky-clack.

Then next month’s it is WOOSH…everything goes screaming in terror all the way down the drop-off!

This means you spend most of your time hustling to find new work and get more clients or  customers. (more…)

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