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 Can You Really Get More New Customers with Web Content and Business Blogging?

Ever wonder how some small businesses manage to get more foot traffic, leads and better sales – all without seeming to advertise as much as you do?

They are probably using some form of content marketing!

I Write to Sell

As an online writer with over 7 years of experience, I have written thousands of pages content on such diverse topics as organic baby formulas, log homes, handcrafted Appalachian arts and crafts, backhoes,  to motorcycles and scuba diving.

Since I started worked for a variety of small business owners, I truly understand which types of marketing materials – for either print or online –  really work and which ones don’t!

I have done content marketing for everyone from folks just down the street (in my hometown of Asheville NC ) to small business owners in…

  • Europe
  • Great Britain,
  • South Africa,
  • Canada,
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • And all cross the US

How Web Content Can Help Increase Your Bottom Line

I write and create custom content for your site that is designed to increase both your online visibility and build better rapport with your clients and customers.

As you know quality content can attract more people to your business and convert them into sales.

So good quality web content helps makes you more money.

Yet over 58% of small business people say they have challenges producing engaging content and 53% have trouble producing content consistently.

This is where I can help … let me do the heavy lifting of content creation for you. I can create:

  • Blog posts
  • Articles for guest blog posts
  • Content for Social Media Sites
  • Promotional & Product videos
  • “Reputation Building” ebooks, special reports, etc.,
  • SEO Copywriting to build online visibility,
  • Email Newsletters,
  • Scripts For Slideshows, Videos & Audio Podcasts,
  • Press Releases,
  • Customer Service Fact Sheets & How-to Manuals
  • And Much More…

I also can rewrite and/or re-purpose your existing marketing materials…

old blog posts, magazine articles, user’s manuals, brochures, white papers and/or promotional materials and turn them into education-based web content that actually sells.

What Can I Create for You Today?

Interested? If so, then please request a quote from me – at no-charge.  I work at an affordable rate and am willing to consider almost any writing project you might have for your website or business.

I invite you to email me or call at 1-828-216-0766 with  your questions.