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“Is this you?”WordPress Website Maintenance Services for Small Business

You just spent another busy day running your small business…

You’re tired and almost wiped out … but you know you still need to do some work on your company’s website.

You thought having a WordPress website would be “easy” to keep up but honestly, you’re NOT a tech guru, and sometimes it takes you forever to change or fix the simplest things.

Yet after seeing all those news reports about business sites being attacked by hackers, you are starting to worry more and more about your website security:

  • Are you concerned that your website might not be as protected as it could be?
  • Are you scared that your site could be hijacked and used for harmful or illegal activities?
  • Are you bit worried that you don’t have the skills it takes to keep your site up and running safely?

If this sounds like you, then this might be the most important message, you will read today…

The Hard Truth: Any WordPress website that is not kept up-to-date or properly maintained and secured is vulnerable to internet attacks…

Cybercriminals love to take advantage of WordPress websites with vulnerabilities which is why they are constantly going after small business sites.

Hackers know that you, like most small business owners are either too busy to update/upgrade your site immediately or are afraid you might accidentally break it!

Which is why, according to cybersecurity studies, on average a small business site will be attacked about 44 times a day.

Could This Be Your Business Website?

WordPress Website Maintenance Services - NC Web Diva Protects Your Website From Attacks

NOTE: The above alert came from one of the websites I maintain, so after some quick action … the hackers failed to break-in. Still 720 attacks in 10 minutes from a single source is a total brute force attack.

Yet even unsuccessful attacks can impact a small company’s finances very quickly – from intermittent site crashes to periodic slowdowns that can cause you to lose sales, critical emails, leads or other online data.

The basic problem is that most small website owners don’t even know their site is under siege, let alone know what they need to do quickly to stop or slowdown these attacks — or have the time during working hours to handle it.

WordPress Website Maintenance Services, Asheville NC - NC Web Diva

“Hackers & cyber-attackers are just like any other type of criminal”

They are more than happy to attack and break-in on any unprotected website they happen to run across.

As you saw in the screenshot above, they will viscously attack any perceived “soft target”,  when it suits their purposes.

Just because they use a keyboard instead of a gun or a knife, doesn’t mean they can’t steal from you and hurt your business.

“WordPress Websites are Only As Safe & Secure as You Make Them”

Contrary to what many small site owners believe, it’s not about the size of your website, your traffic, or even your customer data (although that is important) – hacking is about abusing your website resources and your web hosting server.

Which means once hacker gets inside to your site, they make money by creating:

  • Phishing pages – fake webpages designed to look legit, so your visitors are tricked into giving away their personal information like usernames/passwords, email addresses, etc.
  • Fake ads – so your customers buy illegal stuff or bogus goods from other websites.
  • SEO link spam – to pull juice from your site for other websites to rank high in search engines.
  • Drive-by-downloads – to infect your visitors’ unprotected computers & devices with malware.
  • Credit card skimming (if it’s an ecommerce site) – to steal people’s personal idenity & card info

The biggest mistake I see people make with their company website is massively underestimating their website’s importance and impact on their business.

Did you know that studies show that between 70-80% of people research a company online BEFORE visiting that small business or making a purchase with them?

So now more than ever, you must keep your WordPress website up and operating like a well oiled machine – because it is one – a powerful marketing machine for your company.

Which means if your WordPress site is poorly maintained, like any machine it is vulnerable to breakdowns, crashes and slowdowns.

Poor website maintenance can lead to a lot of bad stuff: from hacking to hijacking, from ransomware to malicious downloads, from hours-long site crashes to serious criminal activities that can damage your livelihood.

You’re doing your best … But is it enough?

WordPress Maintenance Services, Asheville NC - NC Web DivaNow, don’t get me wrong here.

I understand that you are doing the best you can to care for your website.

But nowadays, it takes more than just paying your monthly fees or doing an update every so often to keep a WordPress website in good working order.

Which means if your website crashes a lot or is “glitchy” or secretly hacked, it will negatively impact your reputation, online rankings and eventually your whole business.

While no website system is 100% secure, I strongly believe that WordPress is one of most secure publishing platforms out today.

The folks on the WordPress Security Team, “50 experts including lead developers and security researchers” do a a bang up job of quickly finding and fixing bugs in WordPress’s core code.

Which means all the WordPress developers and designers will also update their products to follow any WordPress fixes.

Good website maintenance must be done regularly

So if you promptly apply all these security, theme and plugin updates, it’s unlikely that your site will experiences any major issues or downtime due to WordPress.

The problem is that all these updates can occur multiple times a WEEK … not just every other month or whenever you have the spare time to check.

So if you don’t have the time to update your website (almost) daily, you are taking a huge risk … and painting a bullseye on your site and your company’s reputation.


“Are You Too Busy Earning a Living to Protect Your Website?”

You are not alone…

WordPress Website Maintenance Services, Asheville NC, NC Web DivaIf you are like thousands of other small website owners, you are just too freaking busy right now.

And you defiantly DO NOT need to add more maintenance chores to your plate.

Not to mention trying to figure out all the constantly changing techinical stuff is more than a little overwhelming (and confusing) to you at the best of times.

So the real problem is this…

If you are too busy to keep up with your website today – when will you have the time to do it later?

“Are you still struggling to maintain your WordPress website?”

What if You Could Have a Hands-Off Maintenance Plan?

What if everything related to the care of your website was taken care of … so you don’t have to worry about it?

  • Your site and all your files were routinely backed up and stored safely
  • Your website was running like a well oiled machine with no errors or hiccups
  • Your website was professionally updated … without YOU having to lift a finger to do anything

What if you could find an expert WordPress tech to help you?

Someone who was … Local. Affordable. Professional.

  • Who would handle all the technical hassles, frustrations and programming?
  • Who would do what need done … without having the “web guys” charge you every time they did a little bitty edit?
  • Who would respond quickly, without you waiting days because you haven’t heard from those “web designer guys” since they cashed that last check!

If this sound like a good idea, then please keep reading.

“NC Web Diva Working with WordPress Since 2008”

Asheville WordPress Website Support & Management - NC Web Diva

“Do What You Love, Not The Website Maintenance You Don’t”

Hi, I’m Chancer Reese and I want to welcome you to The NC Web Diva website. The information you’ll find on this site was designed with you, the small business owner in mind.

I help busy business owners maintain and protect their websites and provide the WordPress technical support they need to keep their sites, up and running smoothly.

This site was created to help you understand more about how your WordPress website works and provide you with the great maintenance tips, resources, and done-for-you WordPress services you need.

Why Listen to Me?

I have been working as a WordPress professional since 2008.  During this time, I have helped design, maintained and managed over 283 WordPress websites (and counting).

I am proud to say that a diverse group of small business owners and entrepreneurial clients have trusted me with their website support from the very beginning of my company.

And like them, I hope I can help you avoid a lot of headaches with my technical expertise, work ethic and attention to details.

Asheville WordPress Maintenance Services

Blog Setup
Get your WordPress blog installed by a professional with pre-designed theme, essential plugins, and more.
Website Care
Security monitoring and protection, software updates, daily backups, website edits, bug fixes, and more.
Website Edits
Change your theme, add new features, setup 301 redirects, format content, style changes, CSS adjustments, and more.

Web Hosting
We use a reliable service that offers secure, high performance and blazing fast web hosting with built-in DDoS Protection.
Site Speed
Find and fix all causes of slow down. I aim to have your site loading in under 3 seconds on mobile and desktop.
Site Migrations
Switch to WordPress, change your domain name, or move your blog to a better web host.

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