Starting September 28, 2021

WordPress Website Support & Management

Asheville WordPress Website Support & Management - NC Web Diva

“Does This Sound Familiar?”

  • You run a busy small business
  • You own a WordPress website
  • You’re NOT a website support expert

“Which means…”

  • Your website probably has out-of-date software.
  • Your website is not properly secured from hackers.
  • Your site might be used by cybercriminals for illegal activities.

“What Happens When a WordPress Site Is Not Maintained?”

The Harsh Truth…

A poorly maintained and unprotected WordPress website – no matter how small – is vulnerable to all kinds of cyberthreats, including hackers, ransomware, malicious software downloads and other online criminal activities.

Now, don’t get me wrong here.

While no website system is 100% secure, I believe that WordPress is one of most secure publishing platforms available for a small business.

The folks on the WordPress Security Team, (“50 experts including lead developers and security researchers”) do a a bang up job of finding and fixing bugs in WordPress’s core code.

And once they have found and fixed any bugs, glitches or vulnerabilities, the Security Team auto-magically pushes out new updates to all active WordPress site installations.

Asheville WordPress Website Support & Management - NC Web Diva

This means, if you promptly apply all security updates, it’s highly unlikely that your site will experiences any serious vulnerability issues.

The problem is that these updates can occur multiple times a WEEK … not just every other month or whenever you have the time to check.

If you don’t have the time to update frequently, you are taking a big risk … and painting a bullseye on your website.

“Cyber-criminals know about these vulnerabilities, too.
Which is why they are constantly probing small business sites because they know the owners often neglect their site updates … until it’s too late.”

NOTE: The above alert came from one of the websites I support, so thankfully the hackers failed. But 720 attacks in 10 minutes is not that uncommon. The problem is most small website owners just don’t have the tools to detect an ongoing attack or the time to take action to slow down the hackers.

Cybercriminals are like hyenas and are more than happy to attack and dine on any weak, small animal (uhhh, website) they happen to find. As you can see from the screenshot above, they will attempt to attack any perceived “soft target”,  when it suits their purposes.

And if your business website falls prey to a cyberattack, it can impact more than just your site’s appearance.

“Did you know?”

  • Your website files can be destroyed or lost.
    Hackers can be like burglars who smash in windows and then ransack your place looking for what they want. Your WordPress files: databases, themes, custom coding and photo folders all can be damaged, lost or stolen during a hack.
    If the intruders do enough damage, the attack can completely trash the site’s functionality, which means the entire site has to be recovered or recreated.
  • Your site’s content can be redirected.
    More savvy cyber-criminals often create and hide illicit content on your site’s pages – secret spam links to defraud people, backlinks to porn sites, etc.
    Frequently owners are not even aware that their sites have been infected with these “parasite pages”, until an angry customer brings it to their attention OR they get a blackmail note from the hackers asking for money to take them down.
  • Your website can be blacklisted.
    Once a hacked site is blacklisted, it is hard to get the ban lifted off. Your site will be automatically blocked by virus software companies, search engines like Google, and business directories.
    This means potential customers won’t be able to find you easily online. And if they can’t find you, then they can’t call you … and you will start to lose sales and revenue.

Asheville WordPress Website Support & Management - NC Web Diva

“Are You Too Busy Earning a Living To Care for Your Site?”

You are not alone…

If you are like other small website owners, you are freaking busy and frankly website maintenance can get more than a little overwhelming (and confusing) when you are trying to handle things on your own.

However, your website has become one of your most important marketing tools. Especially, during hard times like these.

So you can’t really afford for your site to go down or for code errors to give potential customers a bad online experience.

You’re good at running your business but when it comes to taking care of your website, you have been struggling (and mostly failing) to keep things up-to-date the way you know you should.

“Wouldn’t It Be Better…”

If you could have real peace of mind because everything related to your site was taken care of … and YOU DID NOT have to worry about it anymore:

  • Your website and all your files are now routinely backed up and stored safely in the cloud.
  • Your website is now running smoothly and hasn’t had a single error or hiccup in ages.
  • Your site is now regularly updated … without YOU having to lift a finger to do it.

“What if…”

You could hire an experienced (yet affordable) WordPress support specialist.

Someone who could keep your site up & running smoothly…

… Without all the hassles and frustration of trying to do it all yourself

… Without the high cost of having the “web guys” charge you every time they did a little edit

…  Without waiting days because you haven’t heard from the “web guys” since they cashed that last check!

Asheville WordPress Website Support & Management - NC Web Diva

“I Fix WordPress Websites … So You Don’t Have To”

I’m Chancer Reese.  I help people protect their WordPress websites from cyber-attacks and hacks. I also maintain sites, so that they stay up and running like a well oiled machine.

I have been working with WordPress websites since 2008.  During this time, I have either designed, maintained or managed over 283 websites.

I am proud to say that a diverse group of small business and entrepreneurial clients have trusted me with their websites from the beginning.  And like them, I can help you avoid a lot of headaches with my technical expertise and attention to details.

WordPress Support & Website Management Services
10+ Years of Experience
Professional. Reliable. Affordable.

Starting September 28, 2021 (Ask a Stupid Question Day), I will open up to the public my “done-for-you” website support and management packages starting at just $49 a month.

In the past, these services were only offered to my own website design or online marketing clients. But today, with all the various cyber attacks and hacker crap going on in the Internet , I felt the need to help “protect the little guys”.

Below are just a few of the services, I will be offering in  monthly subscription plans:

  • WordPress security
  • WordPress updates
  • WordPress backups
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
  • WordPress emergency service
  • WordPress website content edits
  • WordPress speed optimization service


Then I invite you to use the form below to signup and get on my announcement list … there is NO OBLIGATION in joining the list.

Since I currently only have room to accept a limited number of new clients – on a first come, first serve basis – I recommend that if you are interested in learning more how to protect your WordPress site you should sign up below.

I will contact you (by email) as soon as possible to explain to you in plain language how the WordPress support process works and to see if what I can do to help you.

Don’t worry, I won’t spam you! 

I know what I offer is not for everyone, which is why I only want to work with those entrepreneurs and small business people who are serious about keeping their business sites up and running.


And see ya, soon!

Chancer Reese


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