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Asheville Web Design - Get more leads and sales from your website.“Your business website is DOWN … now, what do you do?”

  • Contact your web designer and hope they answer you some time before next week?
  • Hope the flood of phone calls from angry customers eventually slows down?
  • Ask your office manager if she has ever worked on a website before?

You are not alone…

Did you know that most small business owners, struggle (or fail) to perform routine WordPress maintenance that can help prevent website hacks, site crashes and expensive downtime?

Welp, let me tell you the brutal truth: 89% of all small website operators try to do their own WordPress security & maintenance … in-house … either by using a “tech-savvy” staff member or by trying to do-it-all by themselves.

The problem with this DIY method is that these websites are at GREATER risk because of 4 overlooked factors:

1) The vast majority of small sites owners have little WordPress security expertise or the needed website maintenance tools,

2) Small businesses are on tight budgets, so they often lack the financial resources needed to implement the best security procedures on their own,

3) They underestimate their risk of being attacked, “We’re just a little guy and we’ve never been hacked before … it probably won’t happen to us.

4) And the most common mistake – They confuse the skillsets of web designers and computer technicians with website maintenance pros … “Anyway, if we do get hacked, we’ll just have our (web designer/computer guy/office tech guru) to fix it for us.”

“Cyber criminals and hackers know about these factors too. T they are constantly targeting SMB (Small Medium Business) websites”

This is because small business websites are easier targets

Part of the problem is that only the BIG business website hacks, data breaches and ransomware attacks are reported in the media.


Attacks on a local retail website or your favorite restaurant site going down are often under-reported or just plain ignored by everyone, except their customers!

This is why so many website owners severely underestimate the problems that a poorly maintained WordPress website can create for their small company.

According to GoDaddy (one of the leading US web hosting services), “More than 1,000 very small businesses, nearly half reported suffering a financial loss due to [website] hacking, with one in eight saying the loss was more significant than $5,000 (GoDaddy, 2018).

This means that if your WordPress site is vulnerable to attacks from hackers and other cyber criminals it can not only hurt your website but hurt your business as well…

In today’s economy, few independent companies can afford a sudden $5,000+ loss.

Yet people have been tricked into believing that a website rarely ever needs to be checked or monitored.

The problem is a pretty website – by itself – just can’t cut it anymore.

Websites can’t just be works of art … to be looked at and admired.

Modern websites need to be part of an online marketing machine.

They need to be the central hub from which all your digital marketing flows.

Just imagine…

A website that ATTRACTS more potential customers to your business.

A website that GENERATES leads and has customers chasing after you.

A website that BUILDS relationships so you get more repeat business.

Sounds good, right?

Yet creating a website that can get you more business takes time, energy and focus. This where I can help you.

My name is Chancer Reese and  I use a combination of professional web design, content marketing, SEO and good old fashioned lead generation to help you get more customers.

I’ll work with you to build a business website that is the core of a systematic marketing process that produces results – better traffic, leads and sales.


If you are interested then I invite you to browse this website:

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Asheville Web Design - Get more leads and sales from your website.

“Are You Too Busy Earning a Living To Make More Money?”

I get it. Let me tell you, you are not along.

I speak to people all the time who struggle to grow their businesses.

As a small business owner, you often get so caught up in the day-to-day operations of running your company that you can’t seem to find the time to promote yourself.

You know you need to get more leads and sales, but your marketing efforts just keep being put on the backburner or worst yet, they fail to produce results you want.

Without a good lead generation system you are stuck that same old “feast or famine” cycle…

Always desperate and struggling to get the leads or in-store sales you need to survive.

“What about Social Media?”

You might have made a ton of fans on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

You can keep very busy making videos, snapping pics, posting or tweeting but if your social fans don’t actually follow you back to your place of business, you won’t get enough customers to make a living.

The purpose of any business is to make and keep customers … not just social media fans.

This is why you need a website that captures attention, engages potential customers and sells.

Especially in today’s economy, it’s critical that your website be designed to be the best “salesperson” in your company.

If your website is struggling to produce results, I can help you fix that.  Here’s How:

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Get more leads, sales and better paying customers …. you will love to work with.


Have an entire website created so it becomes the best sales person for your business.