3 critical questions you need to ask yourself BEFORE you start blogging for business

The Marching BandAre you leading or following the bandwagon?

In an effort to get more business, too  often small business people duplicate the online marketing tactics that bigger competitors are doing – without giving too much thought as whether or not it is right for them or their business.

Unfortunately, starting a business blog can fall prey to this same ‘monkey-see. monkey-do’ syndrome.

While I sincerely believe blogging makes a great marketing tool business owners need to take into consideration 3 things before they start to build a business blog.

First, Are You Ready to Be More Transparent?

Creating a blog is a great way to showcase your expertise. It also lets prospect clients or customers know that you understand not only your product line or services but that you also stay connected with current happenings in your industry.

A blog also lets people get know you on a more personal level, learn about your professional experiences and discover just how passionate you are about what you do. Not I’m not saying, you should write down and share every little personal thing about you.

Hey, no one really wants to know what you ate for lunch (unless you write a health or fitness blog) but you should be open to the concept of sharing a whole LOT of helpful ideas, tips, or advice with your blog readers.

The more you share your knowledge, the more you will look like the real deal to your audience and gain respect as an “Authority” or “Trusted Adviser”.

Second, Are Your Products & Services Ready for Prime-time?

Yes, I know you believe you make the best, locally handcrafted-left-screw-widgets in the city. Now you are ready to take on the country.

Heck, maybe the whole world even. But… and this is the big one Ethel, are your products and services really, really ready to be marketed online? Now, you are probably a local business person, just like me. Yet you need to understand blogs reach out globally!

If your blog becomes even a minor success, you will be contacted by more people – and not just the ones who live near your place of business!

I have done work for people who are just 5 minutes from my office, yet I have also done projects for small businesses in Israel, Turkey, England and South Africa.

And I very quickly discovered that any minor missteps that I could normally fix on the fly with a local job, could very quickly morph into something major that left me laying face-down in the middle the Internet super highway!

Doing business long distance can be great – but it can also lead to weird work schedules, language barriers, plenty of frustration and misunderstandings as well as some high shipping costs!

Third, Are You Really Committed to Business Blogging?

Blogs are a wonderful way to improve your standing and rank in the search engines. The more and better content (blog posts) you have, the more the search engines like you.

This is because search engines have learned that spammers and con-artists will often quickly sit up a mini-blog and upload just a handful of posts (text articles) to try and make some fast cash. Basically a “hit and git” of web publishing.

o the more blog posts you write or videos you record and upload onto your site, the more search engines trust you. In fact, by creating what I call “niche authority site” you can climb to the top ten spots in most search engine result pages (SERPs).

But you might need 100’s of posts to make a dent in your competition. Yes I said 100’s. Business blogging is a numbers game. The more you publish the more visitors, leads, sales and money you will have.

But authority blogs, even ones for local topics or niche themes, require a certain amount of planning and hard work. And that requires commitment, patience and persistence in order to succeed. You just can’t throw up a couple of blog posts a week and expect to hit the big time anytime soon.

Now that you understand a why these three questions are so important, I recommend that you take a couple of hours to sit down and actually think about them before you setup any WordPress blog.

Photo credit: kevin dooley / Foter.com / CC BY

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