7 Money Saving Reasons Why Your Next Website Should be a WordPress Blog

Why WordPress Websites are Good for Frugal Publishers

Have you ever wondered why WordPress websites are so popular – not just for pro bloggers but for small business owners too?saving-is-always-cool

There are lots of technical and great marketing reasons to use WordPress.

Yet one the main benefits almost no one talks about is that a blog can save you money!

See, a few weeks ago a new client hired me to update her online presence by redesigning her website.

When I told her I wanted to install a WordPress blog as her new online website platform, she seemed kind of upset, and asked “Why do I need WordPress????”

Why I Like WordPress Websites for Business

Well, I had never actually answered that question before,(at least not in writing) but after thinking it over a bit here is what I wrote back to her as my answer.

So here are the top seven financial reasons why you should use a WordPress website and how it saves you money in the long run.

WordPress is Quick

1.    WordPress websites can be quicker to download than a site full of bad or poor custom coding. This means your readers can arrive at your site move from page to page much faster and find what they need better.

WordPress is User-Friendly

2.    Web geeks and small business website owners like WordPress sites because they more user-friendly. The code behind a WordPress system is highly functional and solid and you can make changes without having to know any web programming.

WordPress is Scalable

3.    WordPress websites are scalable. This means when your business becomes popular, your website does NOT have to be redone, over and over again so it stays functional.

I have clients with websites that have hundreds of pages online that have not had any major changes since I set them up years ago.

WordPress has Better SEO

4.    The search engines like Google just seem to LOVE WordPress sites better. This means Google tends to give better rankings and direct more traffic to sites built with WordPress than ones without.

WordPress is Cheap to Run

5.    Once WordPress is stalled it is a cheaper website to operate. Any kind of code upgrade for a website like your old static one (HTML/CSS) must be hand coded in.

This means $$$ spent on the web designer for both their time and effort. Some older sites are so badly coded that it can takes days to update the smallest things.

WordPress is Free

6.    The core WordPress software is FREE and has many, many, many FREE bells and whistles already built in using low cost themes (templates) and plugins.

You get a much more secure and much more functional website once it is installed and customized for you.

Plus WordPress site are have much better tools for online marketing and promoting than a standard website.

Then all you do is pay for a content marketing savant (that would be me) to create attention-grabbing content and promote the site vs. spending money just to keep it updated.

WordPress Saves on Maintenance Bills

7.    WordPress websites due to their easy-to-use control panels (dashboards) saves you lots and lots on web design maintenance costs.

Rather than pay a web designer to change the minor details on your web site one page at a time, a WordPress allows anyone (who is trained) to quickly modify text, u0pload images or change pages your website in minutes…

Well, these are just a few benefits to using WordPress for your next website instead of a standard HTML & CSS website.

If you have any questions or comments, > you can contact me here.

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