The Web Marketing Made Simple Starter Course

I’ve created this free content for my clients and other customers to show them the basic principles of online marketing … or also called digital marketing.

Within these pages you’ll discover what you need to know to run a successful website.

I will go over the whole website design process and also give you a quick overview of the best online marketing strategies.

I know some of you are thinking, “Okay, but what about…[insert the hottest new trend]?”

Let’s you and I get real, right here.

There will always be a ton of new “digital” techniques,  social media apps and noise from “marketing” gurus coming out almost every week.

If you try to keep up with every bright-shiny-new trend, trick or gimmick you will exhaust yourself and get nothing profitable done.

Yet, on the other hand, you DO have to know the basics; the marketing essentials that you need to grow your organization.

Which is why in my opinion, if you just focus on the core business strategies, you’ll achieve more success than most people who are constantly chasing after gimmicks every day.

I hope the following content will help you get more get more leads & sales from your website.

NOTE: This course is a work-in-progress, so as I find new strategies that I feel will work for you guys, I expand the content from from time to time.

Click the “NEXT PAGE” links to move though the course step by step. Or you can use the links on the left sidebar to jump to areas of interest.