Generating Visibility and Traffic with Videos

Lights, cameras, what?

As a small local business owner, the one element that can become very important leg in your digital marketing plan is video content.

Videos now constitute a significant portion of internet traffic. According to Cisco, videos represent 82% of all internet traffic. In fact, in Wyzowl’s (a video media company) 2020 State of Video Marketing survey, they reported that 86% of businesses are now using video content as a marketing tool.

If you own a small business, and have access to smartphone with video recording, then it’s time to consider riding the wave of this trend to boost your visibility and bring in more business.

Video content has the ability to captivate and engage audiences unlike any other medium. A study by Forbes Magazine, found that viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text.

This enhanced retention rate can help you as small business owner create stronger “brand recall”, which means people remember you and what you sell better than other forms of digital marketing. Which mean they are more likely to drop by your business or visit your website.

In yet another study, consumers who have enjoyed a video ad, have shown a 97% increase in their buying intent. This statistic only offers a wealth of hope AND opportunity for a local company looking to gain more customers or boosting sales.

So, how can you leverage videos for maximum impact to get more customers? Here are few ways:

Tutorial (How-to) videos: Help your customers understand how to use your products with how-to videos.

For service providers instead of showing people how to do, what you do.

A short video can help potential clients understand what your service does for them and explain why they should hire you over your competition. Tutorial videos not only educates potential customers but also creates trust and credibility for your business.

Customer testimonials: Customer testimonials have always been a trusted way to attract new customers. Put these testimonials in video format and you create a more engaging, authentic experience.

Behind-the-scenes videos: Show them how you do it. This type of “demonstration” video allows potential customers to understand what you do on a deeper level. It puts a friendly face on your business and can significantly increase customer loyalty.

Product or service demonstrations: Show your audience your stuff in action. This type of video is great for service companies because these videos can dispel doubts and answer questions about you do and how you do it.

This in turn converts into an increase in leads and appointments. For an indie retailer, you take a “product tour video” that highlights your different categories and explain why you carry them. Or showcase examples of how to use your products to solve people’s problems.

Animated explainer videos: These types of videos are great for explaining complex topics in a simple,yet fun and engaging way. While, I admit cartoon-like animation videos are not for everyone, they can be used to easily explain your business’s mission or simplify a complex product or service using humor and whimsy.


To get started, you should look over the list above and identify at least one type of videos that would best represent your business. Then, utilize DIY video tools (or collaborate with a professional video production team) to create your video content.

While you plugin a video on many, many, social media sites and apps, I feel for serious business, you should consider using a seperate host for your company videos. While some of these are free, there are those that require a small monthly or yearly fee:

  1. YouTube
  2. Dailymotion
  3. Vimeo
  4. Facebook (Business)
  5. Jetpack (WordPress Video Hosting)
  6. Wistia
  7. Spotlightr
  8. Brightcove
  9. Sprout Video
  10. Uscreen

But the most important thing is to always keep your customers in mind when producing and promoting any video content. For example, if you are selling auto insurance, an animated short that explains the collision claim process might be fine, a similar video for burial insurance would be all wrong!

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