Website Design Elements

Good websites have several things in common when it comes to web design

Fonts: The shape/style, size and color of your website’s fonts are often the most overlooked sales tool. Text that is hard to read or difficult to see online just confuses visitors. And when people are confused that simply click away and stop engaging with your website.

Colors: Website color schemes can be tricky. Everyone likes to stand out from the crowd, but online visitors have come to associate certain colors with certain industries.

Most people would would do a double take if they arrived at an auto mechanic website done up in lilacs and baby blues even if the owner were a woman. On the other hand, a woman’s hair salon website done in hunter greens with earthy brown tones would not appeal their feminine customer base.

Graphics: The average web designer as a general rule hates stock photo images. This is because there are only so many smiling people shots that don’t look phony and fake. On the other hand, designers HATE the photos clients want to use … you know the ones: the people are all blurry, the products are out-of-focus, the owners’ picture were taken with a Kodak 40 years ago (it’s the last picture of our founder before he went bald).

Functionality: Your website needs to work not only for you but for your customers. Do your customers have wait for that HUGE video header to finish uploading before they can see the rest of your website on their mobile phone? Does your page menu look great when you website is viewed from a desktop but gets in the way when someone is looking at it on smaller screen?