Advertising on Facebook – Should Your Small Business Get On Board?

facebook_adsWho is Getting Rich off of Facebook Ads – You or the Zuck?

Thinking about using Facebook ads for your small business?  Read this article before you sign up and making Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg any richer.

According to a Fox Business report, “A lot has been made of the performance of Facebook ads in recent months. In particular, conflicting reports have shown the ads to be both an effective and ineffective means for businesses to target their advertising dollars…”

The reports goes to that say that an online poll conducted by Reuters and Ipsos showed that “80 percent of people said that comments and advertisements on Facebook had not led them to make a purchase”.
While a different report by “comScore …, which was co-sponsored by Facebook, however, showed a different result, saying that Facebook ads did help purchases, sometimes as much as 38 percent over those not exposed to Facebook ads.”
Now if you look at the situation closer, the results while conflicting are NOT surprising.
Think on this…
Facebook is a site dedicated to connecting people who are primarily interested in socializing and playing online games of one sort or another.
Now any ad inside Facebook that calls attention to something that is considered to be “interesting” or “entertaining” fits right in the user’s current experience – which is more than likely light-hearted, geared to friends, family and fun.
While Facebook has been used for more serious purposes and people have supposedly toppled governments and blown up relationships based on what they have read or seen on Facebook, the vast majority of people poking in Farmville just wanna have FUN!
So any ad that doesn’t interrupt that fun will probably be noticed or clicked on. So entertainment venues, restaurants or anything to do with music, the arts, shopping, travel, cars, “get rich quick”, etc. fits in with FUN.
Ads touting local service pros like plumbers, electricians, doctors and lawyers or hardware stores and print shops might not. If you business solves a PROBLEM, your ads will naturally remind people about their PAINS.
So not Facebook, so if not done right, it will fail. This explains the “bad” Facebook ads.
This doesn’t a carefully crafted Facebook post passed on from a friend won’t pull someone away from their latest session of Farmville to look at a divorce attorney’s fan page – it might, but I really don’t think an ad will.
So think carefully before you invest too heavily into Facebook’s ad system for local or small business.
Let me know what you think.
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