Are Entrepreneurs Risk Takers or Is It Just the Cat Crap?

Source of Toxoplasma gondii and Solo Business owners?

Ever since I started my own solo business, I noticed that a goodly number of entrepreneurs that I have run across are cat people.

Not everyone, a segment of small business people own dogs and various other associated pets.

But I kept noticing that soloists: people who run one-man or one-woman shops often had cats for pets then any other animal.

This wasn’t a big deal until recently when I saw a TV show that claimed that “Toxoplasma Gondii” (a brain parasite commonly found in rodents and the cats that eat them) was now being found in the people who are considered by many to be “risk-takers” such as test pilots and entrepreneurs!


One man infected with this parasite even claimed that he started suddenly jaywalking across extremely crowded streets and highways, just for the resulting “rush”. Behavior he never exhibited before – until he got a cat.

Sound nuking futs, right?

But according to a story by National Public Radio, “Mind-controlling parasites are all around us. The number of creatures that can be affected is “huge,” says Janice Moore, a professor at Colorado State University who wrote a book on parasites and animal behavior. She says some parasites play with neurotransmitters; others with hormones…”

According to Dr. Moore, “Parasites can be terrifyingly precise. One example that’s becoming a little more understood is Toxoplasma gondii.”

“Toxoplasma basically makes rodents somewhat fearless around cats — in fact, it’s even more than fearless,” Moore says. “There’s some evidence that they’re attracted to the smell of cats and to cat urine.”

And such “fearless” rats will get eventually eaten by cats. And our feline friends don’t back down from much bigger dogs as any cat owner can tell you.

And we the humans end up cleaning up the cat feces which might have the Toxoplasma parasites.

Eventually no matter how clean or careful you are, you could develop an infection and start doing all kinds of risky and crazy stuff!

For example, in another online story ( ,sent to me by a small business friend, talks about a study that found a small number of suicide victims had been infected with an active form of T. Gondii…

As it turns out, about one-third of the population is walking around right now with latent toxoplasma infection.  Most people will never know they have it – and most will not attempt suicide as a result of it.

But the presence of [active infection] T. gondii among women who attempted suicide raises interesting questions…”

Cat Crap Courage?

Hmm…so let me get this straight – people who get active infections of these mind-controlling parasites could start to act like those cat-loving rats and begin exhibiting risky behaviors…

…Like playing tag with big buses on busy city streets or taking up an extreme sport like base-jumping or if let untreated I might even become suicidal?

This is both so weird and so cool! Finally, I can tell people that my obsession with small business and online marketing totally out of my hands!

It’s so not my fault! I might have a toxoplasma infection.

I’m not risking it all – living the roller coaster life of a small business owner ONLY because I want a chance at financial freedom or want to have things my way.

Nope, I have no choice! Now after all these years, I can blame my small business ambitions on the cat crap. I’m not stupidly persistence because I want to be successful – it was the brain bugs that did it!

Like my small business friends and I have laughingly said for years, we’re entre-manurers – always in the crap.

And now we have the weird science to prove it. So let me know what you think.

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