Why You Need a WordPress Blog for Your Small Business


Well, your small shop has come to the end … your current website is not working for you anymore.

Traffic is down (and it was never all that strong to begin with) and your webmaster seems to be getting slower and slower, while their rates are going up.

Or worst yet, you have never had a website before but you have heard all the horror stories but you know you have go to DO something to improve your business… and a website seems like the most affordable way to go.

You have been told by several people that you should look seriously into getting a website that’s a “Wordpress blog”.

You have always nodded your head sure, but between us, you don’t really know what a “blog” is or how this “Wordpress” or “blogging “ stuff can actually help you. So if you have ever wondered what a blog really is and how it can help you grow your business, then check out the reasons below.

What is a Blog, Anyway?

A blog is essentially a type of website that looks like all the other standard business websites online. Typically most people might think that blogs (or blogging) is just news or political websites – you know sites that have to updated frequently.

But more and more businesses (both large and small are turning to blogs as their default website engine). In fact, unless you know what you look for, you have already been on a blog (like this site) and might not never even known it!

Yet blogs allow ordinary business people (even non-technical ones), to quickly and easily make changes like add or modify text, upload pictures and insert video or audio files — practically anything you want to do to a website —without having to know any complicated web code or programming.

I typically can train new blog owners to how to do everything they ever need to do to run their websites – in just 2 to 3 hours!

Why Blogs are Good for Small Businesses

There are several benefits of using a blog for your business:

  • Blogs are free. WordPress self-hosted blog software, which I highly recommend, is “open source” or free to use for both personal and commercial use.

This means you install it today and can have a basic business website up and running in matter of hours – with no extra support costs or licensing fees.

  • Blogs are widespread. In a nutshell blogs are very popular and growing more so everyday. Currently some 25-27% of all new websites being developed are powered by the Wordpress software engine.

This popularity means that as a small business person, if you need help with your blog, you won’t have to hire a special web programmer –  which can become expensive for big projects.

  • Blogs are Easy –  Blog software was created so that an ordinary person can use a blog’s internal “dashboard” (the  control panel) to manage the entire site –  without have to know or change any computer code.

This means just about anyone can successfully operate a blog with just a few hours of training.

  • Blogs are More Secure –  A standard website, just Like a new car that has been driven off the showroom floor –  becomes your baby! While most web design shops will maintain your website – for a monthly retainer fee – at the end of the day you are responsible for the security of your own site.

Blog are better because their security measures are harder to crack than most standard websites. Not to mention, the core WordPress code system is frequently updated (for free) by a world-wide community of programmers and web techs. All blog owners have to do is activate the upgrades as soon as they arrive in order to have the latest in security features.

  • Blogs Make Great Marketing Hubs – An online marketing “hub” is simply a central location on the web where you direct traffic or can send people interesting in your products or services to learn more.

Typically a blog makes a very good hub due to the fact that its software allows a business to upload and publish marketing materials very, very quickly. Since surveys show that in 88% of small businesses, the owners do the marketing grunt work.

A blog makes it easy for a company to add photos, videos or audio files, sales copy and digital brochures, whitepapers, etc. online for access by visitors 24/7.

  • Blogs Allow You to Share Your Expertise –  If you are like most small business people, you are an expert or specialist of some kind. After all it was probably your passion and skill for what you do that lead you into starting your own business in the first place.

But one of the most difficult things is showing those skills to potential customers. A business blog can allow you to share what you do best with your audience – without coming off as pushy or fake.

Now these are just a few of the reasons why you should seriously consider using a blog for your small business.

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