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Struggling to grow your business? Web copy matters: connect, engage and build credibility with your target audience.

Make More Sales – How to use a “Weekly Dispatch” to Attract Customers & Get More Sales

  “Looking for a proven way to get more leads and sales?” You are not alone. I’m sure most small business people will agree that one of the hardest parts of working for yourself is finding potential customers! Finding and keeping a steady stream of new work or projects is one the most difficult things […]

The 2 Essential Marketing Changes Your Small Business Needs to Start Today

Let’s face it, marketing a small business can be tough. Especially if you’re trying to do it online. If you are sick of struggling to make internet marketing work for you then read on to discover 2 simple marketing changes that you can do that will actually work. But first let’s take a quick look back at how traditional marketing […]

3 Steps to a Successful Business Blog

How to Create Business Blog…in 3 Simple Steps? Making a successful website or blog for a small business, isn’t as quick as you might think. By the time most folks have gone through the hassles of getting their website or blog designed, uploaded and live online they are DONE! They don’t want to hear anything else […]

What is Education-based Marketing?

   “Why Use Education for Marketing?” If you are like most small website owners, then building rapport with your online visitors (potential customers) is important, right? So how do you build trust in a world filled with people who say, “I Won’t Get Fooled Again”? You educate them. Or what I like to call “teach to reach”. This is […]

:What is Blogging For Business?”

What is Business Blogging Actually About? (It’s Not What You Think!) … “What does blogging for business mean?” I have read that a business blog should be used for everything from “brand awareness”, getting more “social shares and likes” to “nourish leads.” Okay, here’s what I think… The real purpose of a business blog is simple – […]