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Making Friends with Customers – The Pros & Cons

Making Friends with Customers – Yes or No? Making friends with customers – is it always a gamble? We get this advice all the time online…”build customer relationships!” After all there are social media companies has built a  multi-billion dollar businesses encouraging us to play nice and become friends with our clients and customers. But there […]

Marketing with Infographics – Create a Wordle

 Wordles – A Cool Way to Promote Your Small Business Marketing with infographics is very, very hot right now. Basically an infographic is “a visual image such as a chart or diagram used to represent information or data.” Usually they are custom made for a company for each information piece or data set.  Quality infographics […]

Is Perfectionism Killing Your Blog? 3 Things You Can Do to Save It.

Is trying to be “perfect” killing your blog posts and your rapport with your web visitors? If you are like me growing up in America, you quickly learned that the way to an English teacher’s heart was by using correct punctuation, grammar and spelling. This was fine, during your school days, of course. However, perfectionism […]

7 Business Blogging Mistakes & How to Fix Them

Business Blogging Mistakes…Getting You Down? Just imagine… – What if you could have a website that attracted all the traffic you needed? – What if you could have a website that captured more leads & better sales opportunities? – What if you could have a website that helped you pull in more profits? Yet somehow […]

Become A Guest Blogger – Why Guest Blogging Can Boost Your Small Business

I love blogs. I strongly encourage almost all of my clients to start a blog as either a companion piece for their standard HTML website or as their standalone primary website. But most small business website owners don’t own or use blogs regularly. Usually only a handful of brick and mortar companies in a local […]