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How to Respond to Negative Online Reviews

An Unexpected Lesson in Responding to Negative or Bad Online Reviews I was just finishing up work on a newly redesigned website for a client when I noticed it.

Making Friends with Customers – The Pros & Cons

Making Friends with Customers – Yes or No? Making friends with customers – is it always a gamble? We get this advice all the time online…”build customer relationships!” After all there are social media companies has built a  multi-billion dollar businesses encouraging us to play nice and become friends with our clients and customers. But there […]

How To Repair Your Bruised Online Reputation

How to Repair an Online Reputation “Are you making these 3 mistakes with your online reputation?” Making mistakes is natural. After all no one comes the Internet knowing everything there is to know about websites, WordPress, web content or online marketing. We all know that there is a learning curve (unfortunately) to just about everything. […]

Relationship Marketing – 7 Customer Relationship Killers

Relationship Marketing – Are you Making these Customer Relationship Mistakes? Are You Accidentally Pushing Away & Pissing Off Customers? The relationship between a small company and their customers is a tricky one. While not as intense as that with family members, surprisingly enough, long term business relationship have similar risks for both parties as any […]

4 Simple Ways To Stay In Front Of Your Customers

How to stay in front of your customers – without being a kissy-butt? Do you want to know the best ways to hold the attention of your prospective customers? Running a small business takes a lot of hours. Even if it’s a labor of love or a pursuit of passion, if you are in business […]