Reputation Management


How to Respond to Negative Online Reviews

An Unexpected Lesson in Responding to Negative or Bad Online Reviews I was just finishing up work on a newly redesigned website for a client when I noticed it.

“Does a Local Business REALLY Need a Website?”

A: “Do I really need a website for my local business? Aren’t “websites” dead? I was told that I could use social media to get customers instead.” Great questions! The short answers are yes, you do need a website and no, websites are not dead! I know, you’re thinking that with the influx of social media pages, […]

How Can You Spot a Fake Facebook Friend Request?

Got a Fake Facebook Friend Request? Recently one of my client’s Facebook account seems to have either been hacked or her Facebook profile information “scalped” and then used to send out fake Facebook “Friend” requests. This can be distressing and commercially painful since in her case, she uses her Facebook account to promote her self-published […]

How To Repair Your Bruised Online Reputation

How to Repair an Online Reputation “Are you making these 3 mistakes with your online reputation?” Making mistakes is natural. After all no one comes the Internet knowing everything there is to know about websites, WordPress, web content or online marketing. We all know that there is a learning curve (unfortunately) to just about everything. […]