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Is Online Small Business Marketing Overrated?

 Is Online Marketing Really Worth It? If you have ever wondered if it worth it to market or promote your small business online then you owe it to yourself to watch this short video that explores common online marketing myths. As you already know bringing in more of new customers or clients can dramatically increase […]

Social Media’s Powers and Shortcomings Displayed during Gifford Tragedy

  Arizona Republic writer, Bill Goodykoontz explains in a blog post… “I was at a children’s birthday party Saturday at one of those giant, indoor theme-park-like places when I learned that Rep. Gabrielle Giffords had been killed in a shooting. I was still there when I learned that she hadn’t.” “Without a television or radio […]

Social Media for Small Business – Paid, Earned or Owned?

Social Media for Small Business – a Slide Show Merry Christmas! Okay, I admit it. I was snowed in this Christmas and despite my personal promise to myself, I got on the Internet. But I found this really great slideshow that think will be of interest to anyone who has always wondered what the heck […]

Small Business Marketing – Why a Small WordPress Blog May Be All You Need?

Small Business Marketing – You Don’t Have to Be “Big” Online to Be Seen “They know who I am, they just need to know how to find me on the Internet!” said one of my clients who is a construction contractor. Web designers and Internet marketers alike often pooh-pooh so called “brochure” or mini websites […]