Small Business Marketing Video – “Do I really need a website?”

Chancer Reese, a small business web marketing professional explains…. Small Business Marketing Video Today’s question is “Do I really need a website for small business?” If you don’t know the answer, come watch today’s video and I will explain why publishing a website is critical to your long-term success. …

Small Business Video – How to Get Customers & Clients Fast!

“How to Get New Customers & Clients Fast!” Watch this sales-boosting small business video today and discover how to use a simple yet powerful technique to build trust and gain rapport with clients almost overnight. This web-based how-to seminar is just 60 minutes long but it was designed to pack the maximum amount of information […]

Social Media for Small Business – Paid, Earned or Owned?

Social Media for Small Business – a Slide Show Merry Christmas! Okay, I admit it. I was snowed in this Christmas and despite my personal promise to myself, I got on the Internet. But I found this really great slideshow that think will be of interest to anyone who has always wondered what the heck […]