Web Design Tips

Plain vs Fancy Web Design: Which one works best for a small business?

“Can a ‘plain’ website out perform a prettier one?” If you own a small business site then you have probably gotten sales pitches like this in your email inbox before: “Hello, my name is {blank} and I wanted to reach out and ask if there is anything that you would like to change about your website? I […]

Top 5 Small Business Website Mistakes To Avoid & What to Do Instead

The Best Time to Avoid Small Business Website Mistakes is At the Beginning Most of the articles you will read about common website mistakes to avoid involve either bad web design elements or SEO problems. This article is a bit different. In this article I’m going to share with you why I feel that the […]

How to Change a Theme on WordPress Website – Even You’ve Got No Web Skills?

How to Change a WordPress Website Theme in 6 Steps Jill’s feeling great. Her designer got her new WordPress website up and running a few months ago.  Now she has found what looks like a great new WordPress theme.  All the members of her business group are raving about it. Jill called up her web […]

Build a Business Website on Your Own? Are You Nuts?

Yes,  there is an easy way for you to learn how to make a business website on your own Okay, you might be wondering why I am encouraging you to learn how to make a business website on your own, when I’m in business of selling website development services? The answer is simple.  I’ve worked […]

What I Learned at Skool – Some Cool New CSS3 Tricks

As part of my school work (gee, don’t you like homework at my age?) Anyway part of my assignment was to learn more about CSS3 and then write a blog post about it. So here’s Johnnnnny! What did I learn about CSS3? Well the first thing I learned that was important to me was the […]