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Build a Business Website on Your Own? Are You Nuts?

Yes,  there is an easy way for you to learn how to make a business website on your own Okay, you might be wondering why I am encouraging you to learn how to make a business website on your own, when I’m in business of selling website development services? The answer is simple.  I’ve worked […]

3 Excuses For Not Having a Website That Make You Look Dumb

I have to admit it; I really have a super cool job! My work as a web developer and online marketing specialist lets me help small business people learn how to market and promote their organizations online. I really like this – not because I’m some kind of “Uber-Internet-Marketing-Guru” but because in my travels, I […]

7 Money Saving Reasons Why Your Next Website Should be a WordPress Blog

… Why WordPress Websites are Good for Frugal Publishers Have you ever wondered why WordPress websites are so popular – not just for pro bloggers but for small business owners too? There are lots of technical and great marketing reasons to use WordPress. Yet one the main benefits almost no one talks about is that […]

Why You Need a Website For Your Brand New Business

Just Starting Out? You’ll need more than a phone & a file cabinet! You’re Going to Need a WordPress Website Below is a question that I’m really excited to answer, because I get asked this *all* the time. Say, you have just started out in your new business. The ink on your business cards, isn’t […]

The Truth about Web Designers – Why Controlling Your Site is Critical

“You don’t have to become a ‘cyber-cop’ but you need to have more control.” Why You Should Take Control Over Your Small Business Website Your website is probably full of outdated information, and frankly it’s giving you a headache every time you think about it. It’s not your fault, really. Because by the time you […]