How to Cut Marketing Costs by Using Your Website

Save Your Small Business Money?

how to cut marketing costs

How to cut marketing costs using just your website

As a small business professional you may think that online marketing is very expensive. After all web design and development are not cheap. Still online marketing can be a very cost effective way to cut down on certain business expenses.

In fact if used properly you can easily promote your local small business and cut your traditional advertising costs as much as 40%-50%.

How Internet Marketing Saves You Money —

A good many Internet applications are actually free or very affordable. For example, for the cost of less than $20 a month almost any small business can run an effective e-mail and auto-responder promotional system.

A good e-mail marketing campaign can be used to capture potential customers’ addresses and use them to build relationships, offer products or services, plus drive traffic to a business’s front door using email coupons or discounts.

As you can see a solid e-mail system can easily replace many printed promotional materials such as postcards, letters, flyers, brochures and other forms of direct mail.

Another way that online marketing can save you money is through the use of your website as a central marketing “hub”.

Currently you may have several printed forms of promotional material such as sales letters, catalogs, tri-fold mailers, fact sheets, training manuals, user guides, and much more.

By using your website as a central depository for all your business information and documents, you will be able to save a tremendous amount of money from your budget in the form of lower printing costs, storage and shipping and handling.

You can also save money with your website by creating a customer service center or a feedback site, or create a technical support or help desk.

Instead of using inexpensive call centers, or tying up your employees on the phone dealing with routine customer questions, comments or issues; you can direct them to your website, instead.

While the Internet may not replace the phone book anytime soon, you can always reduce the size of your yellow page ad to a more affordable one. Your ad need only have your business name, your specialty, address, phone number and web address.

And finally, your website can act as a 24/7 public relations system for your business. Customers can visit your website at any time to browse your product categories or selections or read more about the services your organization offers.

Using Internet marketing is one of your best bets to reduce the cost of traditional advertising, especially in difficult economic situations.

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