Link Building Tactics – The “Bad Old Way”

IMPORTANT NOTE: Below is an actual sales page, complete with my old style link building course based on what was “hot, hot, hot” just 5 short years ago.

It’s free for the taking…but remember I don’t recommend the article spinning, etc. but if you want check out, go for it.

link building tactics
Is link building really like being a cheerleader?


For Professional Web Publishers and Bloggers who would love to generate even more traffic – but can’t figure out how to make it happen…

…Then the training course described below might be right for you.

Hi, my name is Chancer Reese and I’m a former webmaster to a top-ranking web publisher and affiliate marketer.  Let me tell a little bit of my story.

Most of last year (2009), I was primarily employed by a “Big Dog” affiliate marketer and web publishing company in the Western North Carolina area. The Old Man (as I’ll call him) had been a top marketer in a very competitive online niche for several years. So I jumped at the chance to learn about internet marketing close up.

And let me tell, you I learned a bunch. Some good and some bad but I can truthfully say I  got the equivalent to a college degree in web marketing that year!

The Old Man has since closed up his affiliate marketing shop (mainly due to North Carolina’s very punitive “Amazon Affiliate Tax”). But during my tenure with him, I learned ALL the underground link building strategies that he and his online business buddies used to create massive amount of direct traffic and build backlinks like mad.

By using these techniques my ex-boss was able to rack in some big time money. At one time the Old Man has some 13 sites that routinely earned income from $100-500 a day per site.

So after I left, I sat down and reworked and re-purposed the tools and techniques that I learned while working for the Old Man’s company. I wanted to remove any of the overly complex parts and keep only those tools that really worked for everyone.

Now I’ve developed a link building program (no black hat junk, thank you), which I feel solves two of the biggest online marketing problems: how to build a search-engine friendly back link network  and how to spin your written content to create 1,000s (even 10,000s) of FREE promotional articles.

If you would love to have more traffic and need an effective back link system, then download it here

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