My Approach

First off, thank you for visiting NC Web Diva. We appreciate you taking the time to read through the site.

On this site we try to tell you everything you need to know about websites that produce results. We go over both the positives as well as the negatives of  the options that are available.

Our marketing-based approach is a bit different from the methods you’ll find at other web design companies. But we have been using this process for while now, and we hope that’s part of the reason why we earn your trust.

This is because most small business people end up searching for a web designer online.

But first they look for referrals.

And it is only after they have exhausted all the referrals like the one from their best friend’s sister’s daughter, who knows a little code and will design a website…cheap.

The cheap website usually doesn’t work (you do get what you pay for), so they finally go online and they stumble across web companies that:

  • Offer nothing helpful for their situation
  • Use terms that are impossible to understand
  • Or worst, give you information that is misleading (i.e. bullshit)

Here at NC Web Diva, our goal is to become the go-to educational resource for small business people like you.

We want to explain to you how to use content marketing and lead generating websites to get more customers.

But instead of cold calling you and trying to pressure you into a sales meeting — we prefer to help you understand your options, first.

This allows you to go over the information you will find on this site and learn all you need to know on your own time.

We hope when you are armed with this information, you can make make decisions based on what’s best for you, as opposed to high-pressure sales tactics.

By taking this approach, we make it clear, who we are and allow you to make the decision of whether we are the right company for you to do business with.

If you decide that we are who you want to work with, it starts with a simple conversation.

We’ll talk to you and learn a little bit about your business, then offer you advice on the various options (and costs) and at that point, if you decide to move forward, we’ll send you a proposal and start the workflow process.

Interested? Then just contact us here for a > free 30 minute Q&A session.