How Outside Marketing Help Can Make You a Better a Small Business Person

3 Overlooked Reasons Why Getting Outside Marketing Help Can Make You More Successful


Have you ever wondered why some small business people in your area seem to be way more successful than others in the same field?

If you happen to go by their place of business, the parking lot is always packed or you might even see a line of eager customers waiting to get the joint.

Sure some of that success might just be seasonal hustle and bustle, but why even in the “off-season” do these businesses seem to be doing so well?

As William Scholl (1882-1968), founder of the Dr. Scholl’s foot care company so eloquently put it when he was asked for advice on how to become a successful entrepreneur…

“Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell and advertise.”

Well as we all know, the long hours and tough work schedules of entrepreneurs hasn’t changed all that much since the good doctor made his first product the “Foot Eazer” back in 1903.

But traditional advertising and mass media marketing have been slowly getting edged out by online marketing.

But most small business people continue to struggle to get better results – more traffic, leads and sales – from their websites by trying to do everything all on their own.

Yet…I have discovered during my years as a web marketing professional, that the most successful small business people I know, all use substantial amounts of “outside” marketing help and advice.

These savvy business pros have long ago given up on the idea of being “lone wolves” and frequently use the advice of online marketing specialists and writers.

Below are three very good but often overlooked reasons why you as a small business owner or entrepreneur should outsource your online marketing tasks too…

You’re not an expert in the online marketing field

According to billionaire and Virgin founder Richard Branson, “When you hit a rough spot or encounter a problem you don’t know how to solve, it can be difficult to figure out where to find information and who to ask for help, and you can get into trouble.”

There’s no doubt about it, finding good information from a source you can trust can be difficult. But I know from personal experiences trying to tough things out on your own can waste precious time and lead you straight to financial disaster.

I have always been better at writing and marketing than I am with web design or programming. I have gotten training over the years but online content creation is still my focus.

So back when I first started web coding – all self-taught mind you – I ran into a problem on a client’s WordPress site. I couldn’t figure out how to customize a certain piece of CSS code to save my life.

It took me days of messing around with on my own until I finally gave up and asked for help. My friend Billy, who is skilled web designer, checked out the code and had it fixed in a matter of minutes.

Minutes! Gggh!

Sure I was relieved Billy had found a solution so quickly but I was pissed off too! You see I thought I could save some money by not outsourcing the website customizations and programming.

But after wasting so many hours trying to “do it all on my own”, I realized that I had worked my way into a hole and actually lost money – money I couldn’t honestly bill the client for.

The money I lost in wasted time and productivity could have easily paid for Billy’s expertise and help.

Well this experience taught me a very valuable lesson – you can’t be an expert at everything. And anything complex has a learning curve to it.

You can either spend a lot of your time developing the needed skills to overcome that learning curve or you can spend money and get help or advice from someone who already knows how to do it.

I recommend spending the money if you’ve got it. Focus on your strengths.

You’re too busy to market yourself

You still work the long hours and the hectic schedules plus you try to have a life with your family and friends, right?

This is the same old story of you being too busy earning a living to grow your business.  So where does marketing and promoting come into play? They usually don’t.

This is why too many people are caught unawares when the traffic, sales or leads to their small business eventually run dry. They were so busy working “in their business” that they never took the time to look up and work “on the business.”

This is where any outside marketing help from a trusted professional can be of real assistance. After all a marketing consultant’s business is to watch your business!

Good marketing specialists make it a point to check and see if your online marketing efforts are still going strong and staying on track. Consultants are naggers.

So if we see your results falling off or your numbers fading, we will bring it to your attention (and of course offer our assistance).

After all as a client of mine, your marketing success really is my success.

You can hand off difficult marketing tasks

Online marketing is not as confusing as you might think, once you know the ropes, but there are still certain tasks that are difficult to manage on your own and are hard to control.

Most small business people wouldn’t even think about running their business without the help of a bookkeeper and/or accountant plus some basic training in an accounting software program like QuickBooks or the like.

Yet time and time again, these same smart and savvy business people struggle to keep their online marketing efforts afloat without any type of training or expert instruction.

A focused web marketing course can provide you with all the fundamentals and technical information you need in order make better marketing decisions.

On the other hand, a good marketing professional can keep you appraised on the latest news and trends and help you be more profitable while you reap the rewards from having your marketing campaigns done for you.

As you can see having some (or all ) of your online marketing tasks outsourced can be not only a great way to save yourself time but it can also prevent a lot of headaches and eventually help you grow your business.

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