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Have you ever wanted to get inside the heads of your customers — and find out what they truly wanted from your business?

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I love Sean D’Souza’s Cartoons!

Hey Guys,

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of (PsychoTactics™).

There is this really cool guy named Sean D’Souza. He is a former cartoonist turned small business marketer.

Sean specializes in training business folks like me and you on how to place ourselves in the minds of our clients by learning how the brain works!

I’ve enjoyed reading his “psychological marketing” articles and his website for several years now.

I have always found Sean to have some very unique perspectives that makes me think and gives me some very useful business & marketing tips and ideas.

Just the other day, I got an email that said Sean and his team at Psychotactics are giving away a workshop they currently sell for $2500.

See they are doing some kind of feedback test and are giving a limited number of copies away absolutely FREE…No charge.

This workshop, the Brain Alchemy Masterclass, explains why structure — not just marketing — is critical to growing a business effectively. And with these tough times, no one can afford to leave any money sitting on the table!

A free giveaway like this would normally have a catch of some sort, but this one (strangely) doesn’t. Well I hurried over as soon as I could  and made sure I signed up – just to check things out first, of course. <grin!>

Once you sign up, basically you are put on their waiting list. In a couple of weeks we all will be sent the download links for all 33 audio articles and PDF files.

You should check it out, and if you find it useful, you should get on the waiting list before it’s filled.

I’m posting this note because I thought this workshop could help you.

You should check it out and judge for yourself.
Here’s the link:
Oops, I almost forgot – I read somewhere on the page that there’s a deadline for this free offer, so better shake a leg and get over there if you want to get in line.

To your success,


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