4 Reasons Why “Teaching” Online Increases Sales

Education Based Marketing – Boosts Leads & Sales Need more leads, sales or new clients? Do some teaching! Education based marketing – it seems counter intuitive when you really look at. But by sharing your information with potential clients or current customers, you increase your conversion rates and sales. Education is a great way for […]

Losing Customers? Here’s why you are losing customers

Losing Customers? So where did all your sales & clients disappear to? I was reading a column the other day where the writer pointed out that unemployment currently in the US was hovering more or less at 10%. This does not include a additional “hidden” 10%-15% of people who are no longer actively looking for […]

Stop Wasting Money on Traditional Advertising

Is Traditional Advertising & Mass Media a Waste of Your Money? Stop Wasting Money on Advertising! – you see this warning all the time. But is it still worth it to use traditional mass media if you are a small business? Back in the good old days, traditional advertising in the form of magazines newspapers […]

Will Your Small Business Survive?

Small Business Survival – Can Your Company Make it Another Year in a Down Economy? You have survived a bad economy thus far but will you still be able to hold out? The last few years have been very tough on small businesses, as we all know. Everywhere in the Western world, 1,000s of shops, […]

How to Cut Marketing Costs by Using Your Website

Save Your Small Business Money? How to cut marketing costs using just your website As a small business professional you may think that online marketing is very expensive. After all web design and development are not cheap. Still online marketing can be a very cost effective way to cut down on certain business expenses. In […]