How To Build a Profit-Making Blog In 4 Steps

Do you want a profitable blog? If you are like many small business people you may have wondered what all the fuss is about with blogging. Blogging has become extremely popular over the last few years. This is because unlike regular webpages, which are coded in HTML/CSS, they require no special programming skills to update […]

Small Business Marketing – Why a Small WordPress Blog May Be All You Need?

Small Business Marketing – You Don’t Have to Be “Big” Online to Be Seen “They know who I am, they just need to know how to find me on the Internet!” said one of my clients who is a construction contractor. Web designers and Internet marketers alike often pooh-pooh so called “brochure” or mini websites […]

Online Marketing in a Recession?

Online Marketing – the Key to Success In a Recession? Even through the Great Depression, some businesses were successful. Will yours be one of the successful ones? Although things can be difficult in any economic hard time, many companies not only survived the world depression from 1931 until 1937, but thrived! Great organizations such as […]

Why WordPress is Better – for Small Business?

In my experience, most small website or blog owners know bad web design when they see it (on someone else’s site, of course). Naturally we all have seen those horrible sites, where the either the owners or the design crew are a bit color-numb and have put up a website that only a mother could […]

Link Building Tactics – The “Bad Old Way”

IMPORTANT NOTE: Below is an actual sales page, complete with my old style link building course based on what was “hot, hot, hot” just 5 short years ago. It’s free for the taking…but remember I don’t recommend the article spinning, etc. but if you want check out, go for it.   For Professional Web Publishers […]