What to Use Instead of Facebook – Direct Marketing for Small Businesses

Direct Marketing for Small Business? Why You Should Use Direct Marketing Instead of Using Facebook – In a small suburb lived two mechanics by the names of James (Jimmy) and Connor. Both men were in the process of starting up their own auto repair shops. Jimmy setup a Facebook Fan (Business) Page because…well because it […]


Why I Don’t Like Facebook for Small Business Marketing

“Why don’t you like social media for small business marketing?” … I could see the doubt and questions in her eyes. I knew then we weren’t going to work together much longer because… she was a “true believer”.

The 5 Best Places to Look for Online Marketing Help

Need Online Marketing Training?   The Top Places to Get Online Marketing Help – For a Small Business Okay, if you’ve just built a website, or your current site isn’t attracting the traffic you had hoped for, you might be wondering where you can go to get some online marketing help. The first place most […]

Do Any of Your Online Marketing Strategies Have Hidden Pitfalls?

The Secret “Dealer’s Screw” in Online Marketing Strategies The best life (and business) lessons are often taught to us in ways we least expect. Recently I was reminded of one the greatest lessons out there – there are hidden pitfalls and unsuspected difficulties found in just about everything!

How Outside Marketing Help Can Make You a Better a Small Business Person

3 Overlooked Reasons Why Getting Outside Marketing Help Can Make You More Successful Have you ever wondered why some small business people in your area seem to be way more successful than others in the same field? If you happen to go by their place of business, the parking lot is always packed or you […]