Small Business Marketing – Why a Small WordPress Blog May Be All You Need?

Small Business Marketing

Small Business Marketing – You Don’t Have to Be “Big” Online to Be Seen

“They know who I am, they just need to know how to find me on the Internet!” said one of my clients who is a construction contractor.

Web designers and Internet marketers alike often pooh-pooh so called “brochure” or mini websites or blogs because they are usually very simple designed without a lot of bells or whistles.

Basically these types of sites are online versions of a small business’s printed tri-fold brochure.  I believe that a simple yet affordable “brochure” website or blog may be the smart choice for a small company on an extremely tight budget.

It doesn’t matter if your small business is home-based or just a start-up being run from a cubby-hole in downtown office building, a beautifully designed brochure site can help put your products or services on the map.

While it’s true not every small business has products and services that can readily be sold via the Web, they can provide prospective customers valuable information.

As more and more people use the Internet to gather information, find solutions and make buying decisions  a company website is vital to a business’s offline or real world success.

Almost any small company can host a basic site where potential clients can view photos of products for sale or get more detailed information on the  services being offered.

And with a blog a small business person can display their expertise, build rapport and gain the trust of their visitors by sharing their knowledge of their industry or field .

For example, a chiropractor can publish helpful and free articles on her site teaching simple bodywork techniques her clients can do on their own to relief painful spasms — along with advice on when to come in for an appointment.

She could also supply visitors with detailed information and her expert opinion on various topical ointments or natural supplements that she offers via an online affiliate commission network.

A local plumber can offer a map of his service area, provide a Q&A contact form, offer preset “package” pricing for minor jobs or even sell DIY kits for some customers.

A small site doesn’t have to be a useless one — a nice looking and well designed website or blog might be all you need to be “found” by your prospective clients or customers.

However if you need to maximize your website (big or small) and want to put the power of online marketing towards building your business, then I invite you to check out my latest free ebook: “Boost Your Sales!”

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