4 Simple Ways To Stay In Front Of Your Customers

How to stay in front of your customers – without being a kissy-butt?

stay in front of your customers
Do you want to know the best ways to hold the attention of your prospective customers?

Running a small business takes a lot of hours. Even if it’s a labor of love or a pursuit of passion, if you are in business for profit then you need have customers. And the more customers you have the faster your business can grow.

Still it’s a universal truth that customers will buy things when they are ready to buy them NOT when you’re ready to sell them something.

So the only option you have is be prepared to throw your selling process into high gear when someone expresses interest in buying from you.

But often this makes you seem either too pushy or a big ole kiss-butt.

Yet studies have shown that 87% of all inquiries resulted in a buyer purchasing the exact product they looked at or one similar within the next 12 months.

In other words, when people are looking for specific solutions, they’re trying to make a decision as to whether or not they will buy from you or buy from your competitors.

Your website is open year-round, 24/7. Customers can learn about your company, products or services at their convenience. This is one of the main advantages of online business marketing.

So how can you leverage your online presence for maximum customer awareness?

Attraction Step One — E-Mail Marketing.
E-mail is a fantastic way to keep in contact with prospective buyers as well as current customers.

By sending out a series of messages or a newsletter, you can offer people additional products and services without incurring direct mail costs. And since you are in control of how or when you email, you can send out offers as needed.

WARNING — the reason why spam is so pervasive is due email’s easy delivery systems. Do not use methods that your customers could confuse with junk mail or spamming.

Attraction Step Two — Online Press Releases.
This is a new twist on the old PR game. Online press releases have wonderful side effects that many small businesses are unaware of.

Online press releases are frequently published directly to private websites and blogs as well as being picked up by legitimate news agencies. This increases both the reach and range in comparison with traditional press releases.

Attraction Step Three — Blogging. Blogging can be used by a variety of businesses to maintain contact and increase communication between themselves and their clients.

Content marketing does work but it is a long term marketing strategy. Don’t think you can publish a handful of blog posts every other month and expect to see great results.

Blogging is a game of numbers – the more content,you post, the more leads and sales opportunities you get.

Attraction Step Four — YouTube. Using online promotional tools such as videos, allow small companies to level the playing field between themselves and larger competitors.

A decent video on YouTube of your product or service crew in action can go a long way towards providing proof of your expertise and building trust.

Using these four formats allows a small company to successfully stay in front of their local marketplace as well as effectively target a larger online niche.

If you want better leads & more sales from your business website & are sick of wasting money on stuff that isn’t working, then I invite you to check out “Boost Your Sales!” – a free web marketing guidebook.

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