7 Success Principles for Anyone Just Starting Out


I got a comment on one of my blog posts about Jim Straw today from a young man named Christopher.  After I wrote down what I call my “success principles” (because they have been for me, don’t ya know).

I thought I should post the article here, so people just starting out in business or (starting over after some tough times) can see it too.

On Starting Out

Christopher wrote, “Hey, my name is Christopher and i just graduated high school and i am a little confused on what should i do with my life but i do no i want to make a lot of money in life any bright ideas..i really just need help and a good hand to point me in the right direction..”

My reply,

“Hey Christopher,  Being successful and making money can be difficult. You can either get a job and work for someone else or create work for yourself.

In either case…

(1) Know yourself – learn what are your natural strengths & talents, and what you will and won’t do for money. Always play to your strengths then try to reduce or eliminate your weaknesses. But focus on your strengths, first.

(2) Understand that all the money you will ever make or earn is currently in someone else’s wallet – so learning how to work hard & ethically persuade people are two very valuable skills to have.

(3) Know that people prefer to do business with folks who are easy to get along with, easy to work with, and who are trustworthy (or at the very least easy to track down).

(4) Nothing happens in life or in business until someone takes ACTION – and taking action beats (almost) everything & anyone.

(5) Find something to do in life that few others are doing well & become so good at that ONE thing, that people can’t ignore you. Turn that one thing into a Skill. Skills pay the bills.

(6) Remember that your “results never lie”. Bosses, co-workers, misguided friends & family, anyone might be mistaken or even lie to you. You will even fool yourself occasionally – but the RESULTS, the outcome of whatever actions you might take, never lie to you.

You are either moving toward what you say you want, or you are not. You have either making process with the successes you want, or you’re losing ground. You have either won the race, or you have lost.

(7) And finally, failing, losing and getting beat down are inevitable. And it hurts – a hell of a lot when it happens. But winners have always been defined as someone who gets knocked down but gets back up – just one more time – one time more than most other people are willing to do.

So take action in life, go do things and use your “results” – both your wins and your loses as a light to guide yourself down your chosen path and as a way to help others as they walk with you.

Hope this helps.

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