Website Marketing Made Simple

I’ve created this free, self-paced course for my potential clients to help them understand the basic principles of how a small biz website along with a simple digital marketing plan can work together to get them more (better) results.

What is Website Marketing?

Website marketing is the strategic promotion of a website to drive relevant traffic to the site. The goal is typically to attract more people who may be interested in a company’s products or services. The more traffic that is coming to your site means the more opportunities you have to put your services or products in front of more potential customers.

Basically website marketing is a pretty broad term that encompasses a wide range of digital marketing tactics and strategies — It includes website copywriting, SEO (search engine optimization), internet linkbuilding, PPC (pay per click advertising), social media, content marketing, emails, and much more.

But in reality website marketing can be broken down into a simple 4-step process:

  1. Get Online
  2. Get Found
  3. Get Traffic
  4. Get Sales

I like to call this form of website marketing, the Results-Driven Website (RDW) systemA Results-Driven Website is the exact style of website I have used successfully for my clients since 2008.

The RDW system is specifically designed to achieve certain business goals such as:

  • Generate leads
  • Build brand visibility
  • Attract in-store traffic
  • Educate prospective buyers
  • Build trust with potential customers

Your Website Is Your Best Marketing Tool

Nowadays, your business website is often the first “official” channel that potential customers find online.

Sure there are other ways people can learn about you, like through various social media platforms. But let’s be real, those sites are controlled by mega billionaires who don’t know you from Adam’s housecat! Which is why social media sites are always switching things around and changing the “rules” in order to make themselves – not you – more money.

So what you need is a place online (that you can control) that prospective customers can find 24/7/365 – and  can use to learn more about you, your company and what you have to offer them.

That place is your very own website!

Which is why in this course, I’ll pull back the curtains and break out playbooks, explain how you can use website marketing to grow your business and make more money.

But first, let me tell you some hard truths about websites and the internet.

First, there will always be some new kind of technology, marketing technique, social media network or “insider secret”  being pitched by some internet marketing “guru”.

The truth is if you try to keep up with every new trick or gimmick that comes along, you will quickly burn out and get nothing worthwhile done.

So, what can you do?

Well, I invite you to take some time over the next day or two and discover the exact same marketing concepts and website strategies, I have used to build over 48 business websites.

In this easy-to-understand course, you’ll learn how to:






NOTE: This course is a work-in-progress, so as I find new improved strategies that I feel will work for you guys, I expand or update the content.

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