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“Done-For-You Maintenance for Busy Business People”

Do You Really Need Professional WordPress Help?

I understand that you are freaking busy right now.

And that you probably haven’t had a chance lately to check out your website, do updates or make backups .

So the question is –  if you are too busy right now to care for your website – when are you going to have the time?


No matter how tech savvy you might be (or your office manager is) eventually you are going to need a WordPress professional’s help and advice when it comes to maintaining your site.

At first, right after your site went live, the “web guys” took care of everything for you. But soon it became clear that they were not as interested in updating your website as they were in working on their current cool project.

The honeymoon was over and you tried to handle things in your spare time. But you got overwhelmed with all the tedious technical stuff … “Damnit Jim, I’m not a WordPress tech!”

So as time went by, caring for your site and keeping it safe from malicious software attacks and hackers, just kept slipping to the back burner.

Now it’s been weeks, even months since your even looked at it, let alone logged in to check out things under the hood.

You would probably love to have someone else worry about all the WordPress crap: the constant updates, the theme and plugin upgrades.

Someone who could do all the website security monitoring for you, AND fend off attacks.

Someone who could do your backups because the fear of losing everything is a constant worry in the back of your mind.

Yet over time you have let things slide and put them off until “later” because you’re super busy and frankly, you think your website is “too small to be hacked”.

If you are like too many other small website owners, you believe that your site is unlikely to be attacked by cybercriminals because only the “Big Boys” get hacked for ransomware.

If you do, well, think again.

According to a 2012 Sophos Security Threat Report, on average some 30,000 websites are hacked every day!

Yes, 30,000 websites (and most were smaller websites that had been neglected or that had overlooked technical issues that went unfixed).

Even WordPress sites that kept up-to-date can be a target of attacks because hackers are always probing and looking for ANY website (no matter the size) that may have weak defenses.

So you can see why you need to keep your website safe and you still want to make some security tweaks, yet bringing in a pricey web developer every time can get expensive.

And as you have found out trying to do technical things by yourself (in your spare time) can become a BIG pain in the butt.

So why continue let things stress yourself out?

Keeping up a WordPress site can be tedious and technical, so why not let me do it for you?

An Affordable Maintenance Plans for Small Operations
These support services have everything you need to keep your WordPress website up and running smoothly:

  • WordPress Technical Support by the project or by the month
  • WordPress Web Hosting
  • Website Management

“Why Hire Me?”

  • Because I Focus on Full Service: I use the best and latest apps along with over 10 years of professional experience to maintain your business website and keep it up and running smoothly.
  • I Can Help Your Site Stay Safe & Secure: The Internet can be a dangerous place, so let me protect your site from hacks and attacks.
  • I Offer You Peace of Mind: Staying on top of the latest updates and security warnings is a job for a professional. I can help you have one less worry on your mind at night.


The Peace of Mind WordPress Tune-Up

Our Introductory Special – A Great Place to Start

  • Have you been meaning to do a “backup” forever?
  • Are you nervous about pushing that “Update automatically” button in your WordPress dashboard?
  • Worried by the never-ending stream of plugin updates that bring up the fear of “what if I break it”?

We can take care of all of that for you with an Introductory WordPress Tune-Up for just $149 USD.  

You’ll be up-to-date, backed up, and secure in the knowledge that your site is now safe and secure with best security practices.

This package includes a series of one-time fixes:

  • A full site cloud backup
  • A scan for malware and server malfunctions/vulnerabilities
  • Optimize your WordPress database
  • WordPress software upgraded to the latest version
  • Updating of all plugins that have available new versions
  • Updating your theme if a new version is available
  • Another full site backup once everything is optimized and updated
  • Recommendations by me (better plugins? Plugin/WordPress features you’re not using?
    I can spot these easily and give you suggestions to get more out of your existing website setup)
  • Schedule: Every 90 days for active sites. Annually for more static sites.


WordPress Support Care Plans

Plan 1 – “The Essentials”
Basic WordPress Security

A Full Service Monthly WordPress Site Maintenance Program

We offer what I like call the “The Essentials” that starts at only $59 a month:

  • This program includes everything a standard WordPress site needs to operate safely
  • Plus constant upgrades for the core WordPress software platform, as well as updates for your WordPress theme, plugins.
  • Weekly WordPress Core, Site Files & Database Backups
  • We will do 24/7 security scans and real-time monitoring plus perform a daily or weekly off-site cloud backup.
  • If anything ever goes sideways, we will quickly fix it or restore whatever is wrong to get things up & running again.
  • If something does turns into a major issue with hosting, we will work with your hosting service to fix your site ASAP and minimize any downtime.
  • Free 30 Minutes a month for minor content or design edits (text, images, graphical elements, navigation, galleries, slideshows, products, etc.). Major site redesigns are priced on a case-by-case basis.
  • Free 1 Hour Technical Guidance. Got questions? Get help or advice when it comes to hosting, domain registration, SEO, functionality, social media, and other web-related tech questions.


Secure WordPress Web Hosting: 

Starting at $20 a month. You can  get  reliable hosting for your blog or website.  Pricing depending on your blog’s bandwidth, storage (size) and IP address requirements.

WordPress Site Transfers/Migrations:

Starting at just $250, move your WordPress website from one web hosting service to another without any hassles or unnecessary downtime.

Stop worrying.

Contact us to learn more about our tailored “Peace of Mind” WordPress support programs that will keep your business website up and running, without all the hassles or expensive hourly rates.

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