Hi, my name is Chancer Reese and I would like to help you build a website for your small business that produces results – real business results such as:

  • TRUST – Build an unstoppable online reputation as a trusted resource or expert
  • TRAFFIC – Attract a responsive audience…that is more loyal than social “fans” or “followers”
  • LEADS – Generate better leads and foot traffic…from people who want to do business with you


I have been designing and building WordPress websites for business since 2008 but have now expanded to include Website Optimization (lead generation) and Content Marketing (customer-focused copywriting) as well as Email Marketing.


“I’m half tech geek and half online writer”

Basically, I like using my technology and writing skills to help small business people get better results from their websites.

So the purpose this blog is to not only to offer potential customers the benefits of my professional services …

But I also want to share with:

  • Retail shop owners,
  • Trade and service professionals,
  • And other entrepreneurs and small business people…

The insider tips and answers that I have found about how to build successful business site for local companies and help you make more moolah.


I’m Obsessed with (Web) Marketing

Over the years, I’m pretty sure I have read a lot of books (126 at last count), magazines and blog posts (probaly a couple of 1,000) on everything from the elements of web design, webpage usability, content creation, persuasive writing (both online and off) as well as psychology, behavioral science, publicity and advertising.

Otay, I consider myself to be a bit of a web marketing nerd.

I enjoy digging through all the classic marketing and advertising books and and sales manuals, to uncover any old school tricks or promotional strategies others have “overlooked”.

I’m also constantly researching and testing the latest web technologies…to separate fact from hype – anything to help my clients grow their businesses.


“The reason why I do what I do is simple…I want to help entrepreneurs and small business people grow by showing them how to successfully market and promote themselves using their own websites. “

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