A Marketing-Based Approach to Web Design

“Can You Turn More of Your Website Visitors into Leads & Sales?”

I believe so.

You see, I have spent the past few years (since 2007) helping local business people find and attract more customers using marketing-based websites.

Here at CLR Communications, I build websites that are simple, engaging and that produce bankable results.

And I do it all using safe and effective website designs and content marketing strategies, so you never have to worry about:

  • Squandering your hard-earned cash on fancy SEO tricks,
  • Stumbling around trying to figure out the latest social media merry-go-round,
  • Wasting your time making a lot of unnecessary mistakes that can get your site blacklisted or hold you back.


Who Am I?

My name is Chancer Reese and people tell me, I’m obsessed with web marketing

Over the years, I have read a lot of marketing and sales development books (126 at last count), along with magazines and blog posts (1,000’s) on anything and everything related to copywriting to internet technology.

I have studied:

  • Elements of web design,
  • Website usability & conversions,
  • Website optimization (SEO),
  • Email and automation marketing,
  • Inbound and content marketing,
  • Persuasive writing (both online and off),
  • Modern psychology and neuroscience
  • Behavioral science, and Research,
  • Publicity, image advertising and copywriting

Not to mention I have a Bachelor’s degree in communications, and an Associate’s degree in computer technology.


“I consider myself to be half geek and half online writer.”

I enjoy digging through all the classic marketing and advertising books and and sales manuals, to uncover any old school tricks or promotional strategies others have “overlooked”.

I’m also constantly researching and testing the latest web technologies…to separate fact from hype – anything to help my clients grow their businesses.

Basically, I like using my knowledge of how internet tech works along with my writing skills to help small business people get better results from their websites.

“I like to help people grow their businesses by showing them how to successfully market and promote themselves using their own websites. “