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WordPress Professional - Chancer Reese

Hi, I’m Chancer Reese. I operate a website design & digital marketing company.

Think of me as a professional “Website Marketing Mechanic”

I work with my website clients in one of two ways.  The first way is:

I create lead generating websites with a website design package. These packages are built to be affordable since they don’t contain a lot of fancy layouts, custom coding or expensive graphics.

What you get is a professional looking, yet functional website, that is ideal for improving the online visibility of your small business or startup.

My website packages make a great jumping off point for anyone new to websites or online marketing but who wants the flexibility to do more at a later date.

I also offer website packages for more established Professionals or those who want an ecommerce shopping site that they can totally control.

Click here to check out > Web Design Packages

The second way I work with clients is:

Specific Custom Work

Custom work can be any additional website work, from installing a new theme or plugin,  setting up a Google Business, online video accounts (YouTube or Vimeo), social media setup/integration, setting up business emails, etc.

Project work also includes SEO copywriting, content creation, social media memes, or whole digital marketing campaigns.

Who the Heck is Chancer Reese?

I have been …
A factory worker.
A graduate of Howard University.
A US Army Officer (Signal Corps).
A graduate of AB Tech Community College.
A CompTIA A+, Network+ & Security+ certified tech.
An IT contractor with the National Climatic Data Center.
A computer support & network tech at a large law firm.
A geek who has been working with computers for over 40 years.
An entrepreneur who started her first small business at age 50.
A web professional who has created and/or maintained 283+ WordPress sites.

I’m also…
A writer.
An introvert.
A funny storyteller.
A lifelong bookworm.
A master researcher.
A good troubleshooter.
A better problem solver.
A servant to a “serial-killer” rescue cat.
A Sci-Fi nerd with a Neil DeGrasse Tyson sticker on her car.
A metalsmith who enjoys creating funky sculptures out of copper, vintage nails & scrap metal.

But most importantly … my default is to help people, especially other small business owners.

If you are interested in how I can help you with your WordPress website, then I invite to drop me a line here >> Contact Page.

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