“How much does a website cost?”

“How much does it really cost to build a website?” How much does a website cost? Of course this is the first question that everybody always asks me. Although this is a very difficult question to answer, I will try to do my best here to explain some general pricing guidelines. The best way to […]

Make More Sales – How to use a “Daily Dispatch” to Attract Customers & Get More Sales

“Struggling to make more sales?” You are not alone! I’m sure most small business people will agree that one of the hardest parts of working with clients is finding them in the first place! Finding and keeping up (more or less) a steady stream of work or projects is one the most difficult things you have […]


How to Respond to Negative Online Reviews

An Unexpected Lesson in Responding to Negative or Bad Online Reviews I was just finishing up work on a newly redesigned website for a client when I noticed it.

Plain vs Fancy Web Design: Which one works best for a small business?

“Can a ‘plain’ website out perform a prettier one?” If you own a small business site then you have probably gotten sales pitches like this in your email inbox before: “Hello, my name is {blank} and I wanted to reach out and ask if there is anything that you would like to change about your website? I […]

The 2 Essential Marketing Changes Your Small Business Needs to Start Today

Let’s face it, marketing a small business can be tough. Especially if you’re trying to do it online. If you are sick of struggling to make internet marketing work for you then read on to discover 2 simple marketing changes that you can do that will actually work. But first let’s take a quick look back at how traditional marketing […]