3 Simple Ways to Stop the Feast or Famine in Your Small Business

Let me ask you a question… “Do you have a cycle of ‘feast or famine’ in your small business?” Feast or famine in a small business is not all that unusual. Sometimes when you are really, really busy and you think “This is great… it’s never going end!” then it does ends and you are […]

3 Steps to a Successful Business Blog

How to Create Business Blog…in 3 Simple Steps? Making a successful website or blog for a small business, isn’t as quick as you might think. By the time most folks have gone through the hassles of getting their website or blog designed, uploaded and live online they are DONE! They don’t want to hear anything else […]

5 Online Marketing Mistakes (Almost Everyone Makes)

Is Being A “Lone Wolf” Ruining Your Online Marketing Efforts? Online Marketing Mistakes Most Every Small Business Overlooks & How to Do Instead I have a dirty little secret. I love reality TV shows – especially ones that are centered on small businesses! While most of these shows make for very entertaining television, they can also […]

Why is a Website Important for a Small Business?

“Should Your Small Business Website Be a Cornerstone in Your Marketing Plan?” Benjamin Franklin, said “Keep your business and your business will keep you.”   Nowadays it should be “Keep your business website and it will keep you?” While most US school kids know that Franklin was America’s first diplomat and was one the our founding fathers as […]

What is Education-based Marketing?

   “Why Use Education for Marketing?” If you are like most small website owners, then building rapport with your online visitors (potential customers) is important, right? So how do you build trust in a world filled with people who say, “I Won’t Get Fooled Again”? You educate them. Or what I like to call “teach to reach”. This is […]