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“How much does a website cost to operate?”

“How much does it really cost to build & run a website?” How much does a website cost? Of course this is the first question that everybody always asks me. Although this is a very difficult question to answer, I will try to do my best here to explain some general pricing guidelines. The best […]

Plain vs Fancy Web Design: Which one works best for a small business?

“Can a ‘plain’ website out perform a prettier one?” If you own a small business site then you have probably gotten sales pitches like this in your email inbox before: “Hello, my name is {blank} and I wanted to reach out and ask if there is anything that you would like to change about your website? I […]

How to Create a WordPress Site for Your Business in 5 Simple Steps

The step-by-step checklist I will share with you below will help you remove the guesswork and show you how to create a website using one of the most trusted (and free) website-building tools in the world. Create a WordPress Site for Your Small Business – FAST! I’m going to share with your the 5-step system […]

How to Change a Theme on WordPress Website – Even You’ve Got No Web Skills?

How to Change a WordPress Website Theme in 6 Steps Jill’s feeling great. Her designer got her new WordPress website up and running a few months ago.  Now she has found what looks like a great new WordPress theme.  All the members of her business group are raving about it. Jill called up her web […]

3 Excuses For Not Having a Website That Make You Look Dumb

I have to admit it; I really have a super cool job! My work as a web developer and online marketing specialist lets me help small business people learn how to market and promote their organizations online. I really like this – not because I’m some kind of “Uber-Internet-Marketing-Guru” but because in my travels, I […]