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Why is a Website Important for Your Small Business?

“Should Your Small Business Website Be a Cornerstone in Your Marketing Plan?” Benjamin Franklin, said “Keep your business and your business will keep you.”   Nowadays it should be “Keep your business website and it will keep you?” While most US school kids know that Franklin was America’s first diplomat and was one the our founding fathers as […]

5 Surprising Things About Blogs Every Business Owner Needs to Know

If you are like thousands of other small business owners, the last few years probably have been rough on you. You have worked yourself into a state of near exhaustion just to keep your local company afloat and your head above water. Yet one of the biggest reasons that too many small businesses have failed […]

Does Your Website Accidentally Hurt Your Business?

I just got off the phone with a close friend to make amends. Three nights ago, I called to share with her what I felt were some very funny moments from one of those new oddball reality shows that keep cropping up. But after a few moments, I realized that she not only wasn’t laughing […]

How to Cut Marketing Costs by Using Your Website

Save Your Small Business Money? How to cut marketing costs using just your website As a small business professional you may think that online marketing is very expensive. After all web design and development are not cheap. Still online marketing can be a very cost effective way to cut down on certain business expenses. In […]