4 Common Business Website Mistakes – No One Talks About

Are You Making these Four Website Marketing Mistakes? I screwed up. I have hodge-podged this site together for a long time – writing blog posts and updating things whenever I could get around to it.  You may be familiar with the world-famous ’round tuit’  above… But once I became interested in writing and developing educational […]

Top 5 Small Business Website Mistakes To Avoid & What to Do Instead

The Best Time to Avoid Small Business Website Mistakes is At the Beginning Most of the articles you will read about common website mistakes to avoid involve either bad web design elements or SEO problems. This article is a bit different. In this article I’m going to share with you why I feel that the […]

How to Change a Theme on WordPress Website – Even You’ve Got No Web Skills?

How to Change a WordPress Website Theme in 6 Steps Jill’s feeling great. Her designer got her new WordPress website up and running a few months ago.  Now she has found what looks like a great new WordPress theme.  All the members of her business group are raving about it. Jill called up her web […]

How To Connect With Customers Using the Latest Web Technology

Don’t get stuck using old communication channels – use the best technology to stay in touch with your customers. Some companies get it and some companies don’t. A lot of business professionals don’t understand that connecting with customers is a great way to increase sales and grow their business. Communicating with customers using online communication […]

3 Excuses For Not Having a Website That Make You Look Dumb

I have to admit it; I really have a super cool job! My work as a web developer and online marketing specialist lets me help small business people learn how to market and promote their organizations online. I really like this – not because I’m some kind of “Uber-Internet-Marketing-Guru” but because in my travels, I […]